The Double Down candle will forever etch the KFC "sandwich" into olfactory history. | Photo by Cassie Lopez

The Double Down candle will forever etch the KFC “sandwich” into olfactory history. | Photo by Cassie Lopez

If you could capture the scent of Kentucky in a candle, what would it be? A blooming dogwood? The smell of freshly cut bluegrass? The waft of a bourbon rick house blowing in a gentle spring breeze?

Apparently, one man’s dogwood is another man’s fried chicken. The folks at the Lexington online retail outlet Kentucky for Kentucky are adding Kentucky Hot Brown and Double Down candles to their “Scents of the Commonwealth” collection, and both will be available to purchase online on Friday, May 8.

Get your candles on Friday. | Photo by Cassie Lopez

Get your candles on Friday. | Photo by Cassie Lopez

While the two new scents might seem absurd, if you look at the rest of the series — which includes the Mint Julep and Fried Chicken candles — they actually fit right in. According to the website, the company collaborated with Kentucky candle maker Kathy Werking, who concocted the smells for the soy wax candles, and artist Rachael Sinclair, who designed the labels.

“This creative collaboration sparked some heavenly aromas that will easily sweep you away to an Old Kentucky home away from home,” reads the Kentucky for Kentucky blog. The mission of the company, it adds, is to “engage and inform the world by promoting Kentucky people, places, and products.”

The Hot Brown candle is an homage to the Brown Hotel-invented open-faced sandwich with turkey, bacon and cream sauce. Werking chose to focus on the herb-infused turkey for the majority of the candle’s scent, according to the site.

Meanwhile, the Double Down will satisfy all the brave souls who grew fond of the KFC Double Down sandwich that pops on and off the menu at the Yum! Brands fast-food chain. If you recall, the “sandwich” contains bacon, two kinds of cheeses and the Colonel’s secret sauce — all between two pieces of the Original Recipe fried chicken.

For the candle, Werking used a layering process that starts with her Fried Chicken scent mixed with bacon bits, leads into a bacon-scented center, and then ends with more Fried Chicken. Pure bliss, right?

Whit Hiler of Kentucky for Kentucky tells Insider that the staff loves the KFC’s Double Down and wanted to create a way to savor it all year long.

“Like a stick of nicotine gum, if a Double Down addict gets a craving, they can just
light up this candle and get taken to their happy place,” he says.

The candle’s description on the site explains it all:

So you want to feel the presence of a Double Down sandwich, but it’s mysteriously vanished from the KFC menu again? What a dilemma. Well, good news Kentuckians, we’ve turned this elusive unicorn into a candle you can cradle year round.

Only 25 candles of each scent will be available on Friday, May 8, starting at 10 a.m. If you want your house oozing the seductive aromas of chicken, bacon and turkey, Insider recommends you be logged on and ready to buy at 9:58 a.m. Here’s the direct link to the Kentucky for Kentucky store. Good luck.