The Main Street Vint is now Heine Brothers’.

We told you last week in the Monday Business Briefing, all but one Vint Coffee locations would become Heine Brothers’ Coffee shops.

And indeed, both downtown Vints reopened this morning as Heine Brothers’ – one on Main next to the Humana building and one at Fourth Street and Muhammad Ali in the Meidinger Tower.

As of today, there will be 12 Heine Brothers’ stores with the change-over.

(Wednesday is Buy-one-get-one-free Day at both downtown shops.)

The only Vint that will remain will be the store at 2309 Frankfort Ave. in Clifton.

The two coffee companies merged when Mike Mays, who co-founded Heine Brothers’ Coffee, and Chuck Schnatter, who owns Vint Coffee, cut a deal about one year ago.

Both hinted heavily at the time that the merged company would ultimately adopt the Heine Brothers’ moniker for all operations. That includes, apparently, a former Vint store at 4901 Brownsboro Road next to Northfield that closed this fall, but will reopen as a Heine Brothers. It remains unclear whether Mays and Schnatter will continue their experiment with offering beer and wine at some locations.

Heine Brothers was founded 18 years ago by Mays and Gary Heine. How the locally owned coffee shop chain kept from getting crushed by Starbucks is longer story than we can tell here.