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UPDATE 9:30 a.m. . Burt Ward, voice actor Charlie Adler, the original Tinkerbell and voice actors from Disney’s animated “Beauty and the Beast” have canceled their appearances at Fandom Fest “for personal reasons.”

This news follows the exit of the headliner, “Weird” Al Yankovic, and eight others Monday. The number of celebrity cancellations since the organizers of the festival announced a venue switch from the Kentucky Expo Center to the empty Macy’s in the Jefferson Mall is now up to at least 17.

The festival lists the cancellations on its website. According to the listings, most guests canceled for “personal reasons,” including Adler, a veteran cartoon voice actor.

However, Monday night Adler took to Twitter to explain:

Insider reached out by phone and by email to Myra Daniel, co-founder of the pop culture convention, to get the organizers’ response but have not heard back. We also reached out to Adler via Twitter but have not had a response.

The event has not announced any cancellations since Yankovic. It has announced two new additions: Brenda Strong, from “Fear the Walking Dead” and “Supergirl,” and Kyla Kenedy of “The Walking Dead” and “Speechless.”

The current list of guests who are not coming:

Margaret Kerry was the original voice of Tinkerbell in the Disney movie “Peter Pan.” Paige O’Hara and Robbie Benson were the voices of Belle and the Beast in “Beauty and the Beast.” Richard White voiced Gaston, Jesse Corti voiced Lefou, and Bradley Pierce voiced Chip. Finally, Nik Ranieri is a former Disney animator who last worked on “Wreck-It Ralph.”

Besides Yankovic, other well-known celebrities to be listed as canceled Monday included Chris Sullivan, from TV show “This Is Us,” which is up for 11 Emmy awards, and Paul McGann, who was the  eighth incarnation of the Doctor on “Doctor Who.”

The only cancellations that have been announced on social media have been Yankovic and Spencer Wilding, who was Darth Vader in “Rogue One: A Star Wars Movie” (James Earl Jones voiced the character).

Fandom Fest is this weekend. The organization has a very strict “no refunds” policy.

Last night, Fandom Fest added Burt Ward, who was announced on Monday, to their list of celebrities who have canceled and posted this to their Facebook.

Additionally, Insider readers noted that some celebrities who had been advertised had been dropped without Fandom Fest noting their cancellations.

Also, stars from “Beverly Hills, 90210” appear to have been pulled from the event by their agent, according to a Tweet.

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