Companies that use direct mail advertising can save up 2 percent on their United States Postal Service first class postal rates if their campaigns integrate with Louisville’s El Toro’s IP targeting software.

This is one of several discount programs that provide USPS incentives to companies when they utilize direct mail paired with innovative digital technologies. 

Stacy Griggs, CEO of El Toro said in a news release: “This is important for our clients who use direct mail. Our technology already significantly increases the return on investment for direct mail campaigns. By reducing the cost of postage it multiplies the ROI for our partners and clients.” 

El Toro is an ad tech company that has created a number of programs that help advertisers target digital advertising via IP address. The technology allows customers to precisely map users and then hyper-target individuals and groups most suited to their products.

El Toro says its technology is most often used by automotive companies, universities, political campaigns, health care companies, professional and college sports teams, and other large brands to increase the impact of their digital advertising campaigns.

This type of discount program is just one of many that the USPS has introduced for direct mail in an effort to not lose customers to digital ads. Other discounts can be had for companies that integrate tech directly into direct mailers or for tactile, sensory and interactive mail pieces.

El Toro was recently named an Ernst & Young Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year. The company is also part of the Endeavor Entrepreneurship program. Griggs opened El Toro’s new downtown HQ last summer.

The program runs from March 1 to Aug.31.