GLIGLI’s EnterpriseCorp rolled out the names of its 2015 Hot Dozen recipients over the course of three weeks via Twitter. Every Tuesday, the organization would tweet out the names of four of its winners. This week, they announced the final four.

The Hot Dozen “honors 12 of the region’s most promising and innovative early stage companies.” This year’s group will be honored at a networking event and showcase at Play, 1101 E. Washington St., on Monday, Sept. 28. Tickets for the event are $10. You can purchase them in advance here.

The following are the Hot Dozen class of 2015. Descriptions provided by EnterpriseCorp.:

Clipper Data is an information services company that produces unique data, reports and analysis useful for trading crude oil and refined products. Their customers include many of the world’s largest oil companies, investment banks and hedge funds. The three-year-old company has 25 employees with operations in Louisville, New York, Houston and Raleigh-Durham, led by Sterling Lapinski,

 • Code Louisville prepares a new generation of software developers by combining online and in-person learning through a series of flexible 12-week courses. Once armed with technical skills, they teach the interpersonal skills to help students start a new career, led by Rider Rodriguez,

Logjustrips collects stop/start data from company cars and presents a decision to the driver, “Was that trip business or personal?” It’s led by Steve Arkon,

Onovative helps banks and credit unions grow by providing them with powerful marketing automation and customer relationship software, led by Michael Browning,

Edj Analytics is a predictive analytics company that uses a game-based approach to solve difficult problems across a variety of industries, led by Sean O’Leary,

findCRA created a simple online platform to increase connections between banks and community partners throughout the U.S. They support network partners as they collaborate toward the ultimate goal of community reinvestment with measurable social impact. It’s led by Brian Waters and Ben Loehle,

Paddlewheel Brands enhances nature’s work in aging distilled spirits through a solution that naturally decreases the time to maturity, increases flavor and smoothness, and reduces evaporation compared to normal aging time frames, while respecting the tradition and keeping within the legal framework for bourbon making. They help distillers go from barrel to bottle faster, led by Richard Barksdale,

TriBlue Engineering: The majority of the 1 million active oil and gas wells in the U.S. see production suffer due to the lower quality gas that is extracted, known as sour gas. TriBlue has developed a gas sweetening unit that makes processing sour gas more economical and allows additional revenue streams to be made available because of the improved quality of the byproducts, led by Joseph Alexander and Hunter Gerlach,

Healthcare Asset Network is a marketplace for health care members to buy and sell high-quality excess inventory, supplies and equipment from each other at the smartest value, led by Kyle Green,

Inscope Medical Solutions is developing the OneScope, an innovative laryngoscope that is the first all-in-one intubation solution to provide a clear view of every airway, led by Maggie Galloway, Adam Casson and Dr. Mary Nan Mallory,

NormaLyte develops pharmaceutical-grade hydration using oral rehydration salts to restore electrolyte balance, led by Sam Lee and Jamie Lee,

Portland Investment Initiative is a project devoted to the Portland Neighborhood through real estate investment and enhancement, led by Gill Holland,