They started in Louisville, then moved to New York.

But we like to think Phantom Family Halo still belongs to Louisville’s influential music scene.

So when we got a text this morning from PFH guitarist William Benton, it made our day!

“Sunday New York Times ran a sizable review on the PFH/Bonnie EP today. On the road or would link to you.”

Sure enough, PFH’s “The Mindeater” with Will Oldham gets prominent mention by Nate Chinen on the Playlist blog.

Chinen even plugs their October 9 concert at the Clifton Center.

Just one problem … he credits William’s guitar solo on “I Wonder if I Care as Much” to Dominic Cipolla. Wrong.

Overall, though, we’re so chuffed that we’re going to include the entire bit about PFH and risk the copyright wrath of the Gray Lady:

Bonnie Prince Billy and the Phantom Family Halo

There seems always to be new music coming from Bonnie Prince Billy, the busiest guise of the singer-songwriter Will Oldham. In fact his next album, “Wolfroy Goes to Town,” is due out on Drag City on Tuesday. Meanwhile I’m not really done with “The Mindeater” (Knitting Factory), a four-song EP he made with the Phantom Family Halo, a psychedelic folk-rock band spearheaded by the multi-instrumentalist Dominic Cipolla. A lot of Mr. Oldham’s recent music has reflected a push toward clarity (sonically, not lyrically), with collaborators who can flesh out his designs. Here he seems to have given himself over to the haziness of his company. The title track is a strummy, half-awake affair with a chorus full of malicious yearning. (“I want love to eat my mind,” it begins.) “Suddenly the Darkness” bops along in an incongruous major key. And a cover of the Everly Brothers’ “I Wonder if I Care as Much” features aggressive drumming and a drawn-out coda with a humid guitar solo by Mr. Cipolla. It all seems like a dispatch from the underground scene in Louisville, Ky., where these artists share roots, and where they’ll wrap up a tour on Oct. 9.

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