Vogt Awards

Vogt Awards

Some familiar names have popped up on the list of the 2016 Vogt Award winners, which were announced Wednesday morning. The Vogt Awards celebrate product inventors and are sponsored by the Community Foundation of Louisville and EnterpriseCorp.

Winners receive $25,000 in nondilutive funding, an intensive mentorship experience and other services for early-stage companies. The companies will present their work at the Vogt Demo Day in November.

Some of the winners have already made news. Breath Diagnostics won the Louisville Innovation Summit pitch contest last year. The contest was focused on the future of aging care. The company was also selected to attend the eighth annual SXSW Accelerator competition in the health and wearable technologies category this year.

Also among the six winners, Collabra Innovations has been around in some form or another since 2012. MailHaven’s co-founder, Kela Ivonye, was also the founder of the now defunct food delivery service, Arrow My Food.

The winners are: (descriptions provided by the Community Foundation of Louisville)

• Breath Diagnostics, which is developing a patented technology that detects lung cancer by analyzing a patient’s breath for four cancer specific markers. The test is easily administered, readily deployable, has no associated risks, and has the potential to save millions of lives, while saving the health care industry billions of dollars.

• Collabra Innovations, which is developing an online platform used by music students, instructors and professionals to educate and collaborate at middle schools, high schools, colleges, faith-based organizations, private teaching studios, and more.

• Curio Learning, which is creating an app that allows teachers and administrators to discover professional development strategies and content, curate them in a personalized way, and collaborate with teachers around the U.S. for better outcomes inside and outside of the classroom.

• G3 Tri-Sports, which manufactures and distributes products that assist triathletes with their training and provides therapy to aid athletes recovering from injury.

• MailHaven, which is solving the problem of missed deliveries with a package tracking app and a smart mailbox to receive packages for online shoppers.

• RMC Solutions, which is developing a patented automated washout system, using high pressure water to prevent concrete buildup in mixer truck drums and central mixers used in the Ready Mix Concrete industry.

The Vogt Awards were established by the Vogt Invention and Innovation Fund, funded by the late serial inventor Henry Vogt Heuser. 

In a news release, Susan Barry, president and CEO of the Community Foundation, said: “I can’t help but wonder how pleased Mr. Heuser would be to see the innovation that his award has helped to catalyze since its inception in 2000. With more than $2.9 million awarded to 61 companies to date, I like to think of his gift as a way for him to be immortal in our entrepreneurial community.”

“The Vogt Awards is a great example of how we encourage bold and creative thinking and action in our business community,” said Mayor Greg Fischer. “I congratulate these six companies for their commitment to innovation, and I look forward to seeing what’s next for each of them.”