Members of Team DIVI completing their kitchen sink hack on Day 2. | Photo by Mickey Meece

Team DIVI won the top prize at FirstBuild’s “Hack the Home” hackathon on Sunday after making a universal ice and beverage dispenser that it called “the most advanced kitchen faucet in the world.”

As described in a video on the Giddy app, “DIVI is hacked using GEA and FirstBuild’s most advanced Ice and Beverage technologies” and offers a universal Ice and Beverage experience “at the convenience of your kitchen sink.” DIVI frees up kitchen counter space, its makers said, by the elimination of standalone ice and beverage appliances, and gives users valuable space back in their fridges.

The DIVI kitchen faucet | Courtesy of FirstBuild

DIVI features nugget ice dispensing, hot beverage dispensing, including Keurig coffee, chilled water dispensing, including carbonated water; all utilize GEA’s most advanced water filtration technologies, the team said. It also is connected to the GE Appliances cloud using Wi-Fi, the makers said.

Team DIVI was awarded $3,000.

The team that produced FridgeVZN captured second place and $2,000. FridgeVZN is a technology that improves the grocery shopping experience for consumers, according to Giddy.

“Shopping is stressful,” the team said in its summary. “That’s why we created FridgeVZN, a technology that makes shopping easier for consumers. Using an image-recognition API and a camera, FridgeVZN gives users an up-to-date list of fridge contents and is easily accessible from any mobile phone or tablet.”

Rounding out the top three was Team Lazier Susan, which claimed the $1,000 prize. Their project produced an Alexa-integrated smart spice rack. Lazier Susan enables users to verbally request a spice and have it delivered on command, according to a summary on Giddy.

“Our technology is equipped with LED accessories and encased in sleek contemporary design,” the team said, “making Susan a beautiful addition to any kitchen countertop.”