Forecastle_Festival_2010Most people know the primary nonprofit beneficiary of the Forecastle Festival is the Forecastle Foundation itself. But more than a dozen local nonprofits will benefit as well, both financially and from exposure.

Forecastle “First Mate” Holly Weyler McKnight says the Foundation receives $1 from every ticket sold and a percentage of revenue and tips from three beer booths. The Foundation also receives funding from the Bourbon Cares partnership.

The Foundation partners with other nonprofits that are working toward protecting the “richest and most threatened reservoirs of plant and animal life on Earth.” It was created in 2010, five years after the first Forecastle Festival, and it operates year-round independently of the festival.

But the Forecastle Festival is also a lucrative (and fun) volunteer effort for local nonprofits. Staffing beer booths at the fest allows volunteers to raise money for their organizations and also attend the festival that day for free.

Gil Reyes, co-coordinator of the Fairness Campaign, said it was the nonprofit’s fourth year at the festival working at a beer/beverage booth.

“We get a percentage of the sales and any tips we make. It turns out to be one of the Fairness Campaign’s largest single fundraising activities/events,” said Reyes. “I love it because it’s a great way a few volunteers can make a huge difference in our work. We often think fundraising is a game for big donors, but this is very grassroots in nature and makes a huge difference for Fairness.”

This is the Alley Theatre‘s third year volunteering.

“It is an excellent way for us to raise some money while also spreading awareness about our brick-and-mortar theater and traveling Alley Theater Arts Caravan,” said Natalie Schoenbaechler, operations director. “Not to mention it’s a ton of fun. Get a bunch of actors together and there will likely be showtune sing-a-longs while pouring beers.”

The full list of nonprofits with a Forecastle presence:

  • Kentucky Waterways Alliance
  • Thomas Jefferson Unitarian Church
  • USGBC- United States Green Building Council
  • Slow Food Bluegrass
  • Louisville Independent Business Alliance
  • Fairness Campaign
  • Art Sanctuary Inc.
  • The Alley Theater
  • Louisville Grows
  • CANTER Kentucky
  • Gilda’s Club Louisville
  • Olmsted Parks Conservancy
  • Kentuckians for the Commonwealth
  • Forecastle Foundation