Photo of two similarly priced homes

Both of these Louisville homes are from the same part of town and are currently for sale in the same price range. Which selection makes the tax assessment news story sound more dire?

Leave it to the news folks to make everything sound negative. Ugh.

WDRB Fox 41 published a story on Friday with the title, “How much is Jefferson County real estate worth?” Not too bad. At least the title isn’t misleading, or worse, leading in the wrong direction.

The reason I’m highlighting this story is because once you arrive at the Web page you’re greeted with a large photo of a boarded up home. Then the opening paragraph further depresses:

Bad news for many homeowners in Jefferson County. More than 60,000 properties have been reassessed — and lowered.

Now wait a second, you’re saying that having our properties assessed at a lower value, which means we’ll be paying less taxes is a bad thing?!?

I guess government officials are now writing for FOX News.

Sure, no one wants to have their home — likely their largest single investment — decline in value but the real estate market determines what a home is worth, not the Property Value Administrator (PVA).

I used data from our city’s Realtor database to write the March Louisville Housing Report for, that included this quote:

A high median home value back in July 2010 of $145,000 currently is $127,500 for the month of March.

It’s often wise to take see the wider perspective. The one-year trend-line for median home values is actually up over the same time last year.

See? Don’t you feel better now?

The moral of the story is for proper perspective, you should get your analysis from a subject-matter expert rather than a general news source.