The Frazier International History Museum will host a free World Water Day celebration event on Tuesday, March 22 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. The event is meant to raise awareness and understanding about the importance of clean drinking water around the world, according to a Frazier news release.

The Frazier Museum is hosting World Water Day in conjunction with Louisville Water Company and Edge Outreach, a Louisville based group that trains, equips, and mobilizes people in sustainable solutions for clean water around the world.

World Water Day was established in 1992 by the United Nations to call attention to the international crisis of safe drinking water. An estimated one billion people around the world lack access to clean drinking water, according to the Edge Outreach website.

In partnership with Louisville Water Company, the Frazier Museum developed the “Water Works” exhibit to highlight the history of the community’s drinking water, according to a news release. The exhibit provides a perfect backdrop to call attention to a basic human need, safe drinking water.

According to the release, visitors to the Frazier Museum on World Water Day will:

  • See how the new P3 invention from Edge Outreach can take dirty water from a hand pump and purify it in one motion into a safe container.
  • Tour the “Water Works” exhibit and learn the history of Louisville’s drinking water including how Louisville Water Company’s innovation has helped provide clean drinking water in our community and around the world.
  • Experience how women and children in developing countries carry water with heavy buckets and a large ball.
  • Experiment to see how people in other countries adapt to make drinking water.

As part of the event, Louisville Water Company representatives and local Edge Outreach volunteers will share their own “Water Stories,” discussing their personal experiences and the impact a lack of safe drinking water can have around the world, according to the release.

This is from the museum release:

Like many of the people EDGE OUTREACH helps around the world today, early 19th century settlers in Louisville quenched their thirst at their own risk. In 1860, Louisville Water Company began operations and helped to virtually wipe out cases of typhoid and cholera caused by drinking water from contaminated wells. The Frazier’s “Water Works” exhibit, which runs through May 1, follows Louisville’s progress from a city so infamous for unsafe water it was nicknamed the “Graveyard of the West,” to receiving the award for “Best Tasting Tap Water in America” by the American Water Works Association.

“Water Works” visitors are invited to bring change to “drop in the bucket.” Donations to the Drop in the Bucket campaign will purchase supplies and equipment for Edge Outreach’s work purifying water in places such as Haiti and India.