Friday is the traditional day when government agencies, corporations and others release bad news.

As we wait for this coming agenda of ”What They Have To Hide,” here are a few thoughts on the week’s hottest items through today:

  • It looks like the Doss High Principal Glenn Baete is going to keep his job after all. (Despite Herculean efforts by Baete and his staff, Doss made the list of the 10 Kentucky schools with the lowest test scores.) Amazing. I can’t help but think that the fact he spoke so openly to the media about his situation contributed to his staying on.
  • Chase Bank is accused of being “at the center” of the Maddoff scheme by a trustee assigned to investigate. Also, there was protest late this morning at a Chase Bank location in Louisville over Chase’s role in the foreclosure crisis, their ties to R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. (Reynolds screws farm workers) and the above mentioned item. More from that later.
  • In light of the Kentucky Derby Festival people temporarily dropping the “Kentucky” from the name this year, it has occurred to me that this may be a first step in an attempt to bring in a corporate sponsor for the festival. Example: The 2012 Humana Derby Festival, or The 2013 Humana-YUM! Brands- Advance Auto Parts Derby Festival.  That’s just my opinion though. I have no evidence. That said, we have heard that Churchill Downs Inc. is very much interested in incorporating the festival, which complicates Churchill’s relationship with beer sponsors.
  • The city grabs a $10 million dollar loan from the water company to pay the retired firefighter’s overtime lawsuit claim, but nowhere in Dan Klepal’s Courier-Journal article does it say the reason WHY they are borrowing it: To maintain the city’s credit rating.

Also my opinion, but it is a logical conclusion.