Photo by Stu Spivack.

Photo by Stu Spivack.

Bring plenty of napkins: The inaugural Fried Chicken Throw Down happens this Saturday, Oct. 25, at ReSurfaced, and it kicks off the final day of events for the pop-up beer garden and venue.

This event is a competition among local restaurants, but regardless of which competitor wins the big prizes, the real winners will be the attendees. Show up and you can get tastes of top-notch fried chicken for three bucks a pop and tastes of side items for $2 each. No holds barred.

"Dude, not cool." Photo by Dawn Ulmer.

“Dude, not cool.” Photo by Dawn Ulmer.

The culinary competition, meanwhile, will award cash prizes of $500 to the best chicken and $500 to the best side, with the winners being selected by ballot voting among the greasy-fingered attendees.

Participating restaurants will include Loop 22, Wiltshire on Market, Bourbons Bistro, Sway, Roux, Zanzabar, Galt House Bistro, Against the Grain Brewery & Smokehouse, Four Pegs Beer Lounge and Milkwood. It’s going to be a veritable fried chicken orgy.

The Fried Chicken Throw Down concludes a six-week run of activities since the pop-up plaza opened on Sept. 19. The ReSurfaced movement is designed to illustrate the economic potential and benefit of incrementally activating currently unproductive spaces while creating a more vibrant downtown.

The throw down begins at 3 p.m. and ends at 6 p.m. Admission to Saturday’s event is free, and proceeds will benefit Slow Food Bluegrass, the local chapter of Slow Food International, an organization devoted to savoring and protecting the heritage and biodiversity of food, agriculture and the rich culture of the table. Resurfaced is located at 615-621 W. Main Street in downtown Louisville.