dan savageOver the past 18 hours, a GoFundMe account has raised $2,680 (as of the time of this posting) to “buy a beer for marriage equality” — or more specifically, to support the five Louisville attorneys who have worked pro bono to take their case for marriage equality to the U.S. Supreme Court. Liz Palmer, a teacher at DuPont Manual High School and an occasional columnist for Insider Louisville, started the fund.

“As friends of the legal team, we couldn’t be more proud that they are representing this important cause, our city and our state in front of the highest court in America,” the account write-up says.

The attorneys did not request the financial assistance, but they’ve appreciated all the words of support they’ve received.

The attorneys are Dan Canon, Joe Dunman and Laura Landenwich of Clay Daniel Walton Adams, and Shannon Fauver and Dawn Elliott of the Fauver Law Office.

A tweet promoting the fundraiser was retweeted by national columnist Dan Savage.

The fundraiser is asking people to donate just $5 to buy a beer or a meal for the attorneys, but many donations have been upwards of $50. Seventy-three people have supported the fundraiser so far.

All money raised will be evenly divided among the five attorneys to help defray the expenses they have accrued while working on the case, including travel to D.C. And yes, probably some of that money will go toward a few beers.

The ruling on the marriage equality case likely will not be handed down until June. On Tuesday, attorney Joe Dunman told Insider Louisville that the legal team is “generally feeling optimistic.”