"Map, Nassau Street" by Richard Bram

“Map, Nassau Street” by Richard Bram

Renowned international photographer Richard Bram is garnering praise and acclaim for his latest book, “New York,” which chronicles 10 years of photographing the streets of New York City from 2005-15. So what brings him to Louisville this weekend?

Friendship and history, says Billy Hertz, owner of Galerie Hertz, where a book signing will be held with Bram on Sunday, Oct. 30.

bram2-x650x“Bram has been a dear friend for almost 30 years,” Hertz tells Insider. “I knew him when he was an upstart photographer shooting the Pegasus Parade, and all the rest is history since then.”

Bram’s work has been featured in galleries all over the world, including several here in town in the ’90s at Vine Gallery, Zephyr Gallery and the Kentucky Art and Craft Foundation (now KMAC). He also published the book “Street Photography” in 2006, a compendium of the artist’s monochrome street photography.

“New York” contains 51 sometimes bizarre photographs that Bram edited down from 30,000. Bram told photographer David Rosenberg in an article for Slate that the streets of New York are prime for capturing everyday craziness.

“In some ways, it is easier to work on the streets in New York,” Bram said in the article. “It is so crowded that no one notices another guy with a camera in a city swarming with tourists. … There are more neuroses on view per square meter than any place I’ve ever been.”

"Skeleton, Spring Street, SoHo" by Richard Bram

“Skeleton, Spring Street, SoHo” by Richard Bram

After his short visit in Louisville, Bram is headed to London for his next project.

The free book signing and casual reception will take place from 1-4 p.m. on Sunday, Oct. 30. Galerie Hertz is located at 1253 S. Preston St.