A local muralist from VIA Studio is headed up to Chicago to add some pizzaz to a client’s very corporate office.

VIA’s relationship with the Australian company Computershare began when the company opened its Louisville offices in 2015 and prepared to bring on a local workforce of around 300 people. Computershare hired VIA, the all-around digital design and technology firm, to create its HR system from scratch.

Since then, the relationship between the firm and the financial services and investor communications company has become more creative.

In 2015, Insider reported that Computershare had hired VIA to create huge murals of the skylines of cities in which the company had offices for their local offices in the Meidinger Building. Pat Sheehan created minimalist designs of the Louisville, London, Los Angeles, Singapore, Melbourne and Chicago skylines. These designs, around 30-feet long each, were then printed and installed in sheets like wallpaper.

A Computershare spokesperson at the time told Insider that VIA was a good choice for the project because of “their local appeal and affection for the city in which they live and work.”

President and Creative Director Jason Clark told Insider recently that Sheehan was now taking the firm’s work up to Computershare’s suburban Chicago office in Bolingbroke, Ill., this time painting murals of iconic Chicago landmarks in the office’s conference rooms and meeting spaces.

Clark said that Computershare was looking for these murals to have an “energetic vibe” that would “activate” the spaces. He said that even though they are decidedly corporate, “they understand why they want the murals.”

Clark figures that it will take two or three days to paint each mural and that other members of the VIA team, including himself, will come up to help in spurts. He expects the project will be done by the end of July.