UpYourGameWebIf you’re an artist — a visual artist, a musician, effects designer — have you ever considered marrying your talents to a video game? Then Up Your Game is for you.

Mommy’s Best Games, Game Dev Lou, and University of Louisville Speed School want to help local video game developers make better games, and part of that is upping the quality of the artistic design of games. So they’re hosting a networking event on Tuesday, June 9, at 7 p.m. at the Tim Faulkner Gallery, 1512 Portland Ave.

“Artists and programmers don’t usually hang out. They just don’t run in the same circles,” says Mommy’s Best Games President and Lead Designer Nathan Fouts. “But if we can get them together in the same room, sharing their work, I know they’d get excited about making new games together!”

There will be light snacks and a cash bar. The event will be styled after “speed dating” events. Artists will sit down with a programmer working on a game. Both will describe their projects, portfolios and skills. When the bell rings, the artist moves on to a new programmer. At the end of the event, the artists and programmers will mingle and exchange contact information if interest arises.

Sign up for free here. You’re required by the event to bring a sample of your game/art/music on a laptop to share. If you have questions, here’s the Facebook page for the event.