downtownLouisvilleSlow and steady may or may not win the race, but it sure can get you a good ranking as a center for jobs.

At least it did for Louisville in a new jobs survey conducted by online jobs-data site Glassdoor. The company’s newest nationwide survey ranked Louisville No. 8 out of the Top 25 best cities for jobs by its Glassdoor Job Score.

Louisville ranked well comprehensively even though it didn’t place in the Top 10 for any single category in the survey, released Tuesday morning.

Here’s the Top 10, in order: 1. Raleigh, N.C.; 2. Kansas City, Mo.; 3. Oklahoma City, Okla.; 4. Austin, Texas; 5. Seattle, Wash.; 6. Salt Lake City, Utah; 7. San Jose, Calif.; 8. Louisville; 9. San Antonio, Texas; 10. Washington, D.C.

To create the survey, Glassdoor aggregated the results of three categories: ease of getting a job/hiring opportunity, affordability/cost of living, and job satisfaction.

Louisville ranked No. 19 for hiring opportunity, which measured the ratio of current job openings to the population. Louisville has 16,295 job openings against a population of 1.27 million for the city and surrounding area.

Louisville ranked No. 13 for cost of living, which measured the ratio of median salary to the cost of a home. Louisville’s median base salary is $40,000, and the median home value is $131,100.

The city ranked No. 17 for job satisfaction, scoring a 3.2 on this ranking, with 5 being the best and 1 the worst.

River City didn’t rank high for any category, so how did it place in the Top 10 overall? Consistency was key, said Scott Dobroski, career trends analyst at Glassdoor.

“It’s a unique city when it comes to jobs,” he said. “Louisville doesn’t stand out in hiring opportunities, cost of living, or job satisfaction … But Louisville is consistently strong across all categories.”

He said many cities do well in two of three categories, but not on the third. San Jose, Calif., for example, ranked just above Louisville at No. 7. And at first blush, its residents earned far more in salary, with a median base salary of $99,000. Yet the median home value in San Jose was $863,800.

Dobroski said this meant San Jose’s cost of living ratio was close to 1-to-9, meaning a home cost close to nine times what an average salary paid. In Louisville, the ratio was 1-to-3. “You get more bang for your buck in Louisville, for restaurants, trips, vacations,” he said.

Dobroski said the jobs in highest-demand in Louisville include research scientist, restaurant server, bartender, restaurant planning manager, retail sales associate, pharmacist and pharmacy technician. That correlates to three of the largest employers hiring in Louisville right now: Humana, Texas Roadhouse and Papa John’s Pizza.

“It wasn’t too surprising to see an active retail food industry, when you look at the employers hiring and the job titles in demand,” he said.

Dobroski said another relatively new hot job in Louisville is software engineer. The city, however, didn’t rank high for software engineers when compared with a place like Raleigh, N.C..

“Louisville is not a booming tech hub,” he said. “What I see in this area is professional services, consumer services and retail food services.”

He added Louisville also has a small startup presence, but “I wouldn’t use the word booming.” Still, there are Louisville-area employers that need tech-savvy employees, among them CBS Interactive and Siemens.

Louisville-area software engineers earn an average $64,000 a year, far short of the national average of $91,000. “But the cost of living is so much lower when compared to other tech hubs, so your dollar is stretched,” he said.