Goodwood Brian Clark

Brian Clark takes over as head brewer at Goodwood Brewing Co. | Courtesy of Goodwood Brewing Co.

Goodwood Brewing Co. didn’t wait long to name a new head brewer in the wake of longtime brewer Joel Halbleib’s departure.

In a news release Monday, the brewery announced that Brian Clark has been named head brewer and will oversee all brewing operations. He begins the position immediately.

Halbleib announced in mid-July he was leaving the brewery after 14 years to focus on another project, Hive and Barrel Meadery.

Clark joined Goodwood Brewing in 2016 as a packing technician before moving to filter technician, then brewer and now head brewer. He received his training at the Siebel Institute of Technology. Previously, he served as a crew chief in the United States Air Force.
CEO Ted Mitzlaff said Clark has worked to improve quality and consistency across the portfolio, bringing a strong work ethic and process-driven approach that has changed the culture of  the operation.
“Brian has distinguished himself through his dedication to product quality, consistency and overall production management,” Mitzlaff said in the release. “As a cicerone, Brian brings another level of appreciation and discernment to his craft.”
Formerly serving as a production brewery for Bluegrass Brewing Company, Goodwood Brewing rebranded in 2015. The brewery distributes its products to 15 different states around the Midwest and Southeast.