Swing 39 plays on Wednesday, April 19. | Courtesy of Swing 39

Some people believe you haven’t officially arrived as a city until you have an underground jazz club or two. And while Louisville has had a few short-lived jazz clubs in its day, there’s certainly room and interest for another effort.

Goodwood Brewing may not be what exactly comes to mind when you think “jazz club,” but they’re tapping into the scene by partnering up with the Louisville Jazz Society for a weekly “Beer & Jazz” series that’ll be held every Wednesday night.

The cozy NuLu taphouse will host emerging jazz musicians along with seasoned veterans, and each event will showcase a different style of jazz. The Louisville Jazz Society is a nonprofit that is dedicated to the promotion and enjoyment of all things jazz, and they help connect musicians with listeners and sponsor a variety of concerts and events.

“We wanted to work with Louisville Jazz Society to create a series that shows support for our local jazz musicians, as well as encourages emerging musicians and students to participate and become more involved in the Louisville jazz community,” says Paige Peterson, Goodwood’s director of marketing and events. “We think there are a lot of jazz lovers in our city who are looking for a Wednesday night spot.”

Karan Chavis performs on May 10. | Courtesy of Karan Chavis

In addition to a handful of original beers on tap, the venue also boasts craft cocktails, snacks and ample parking. And best of all, “Beer & Jazz” is free.

First up is Swing 39 on Wednesday, April 19. Then it’s the Craig Wagner Trio on Wednesday, April 26; followed by the West Market Street Stompers on Wednesday, May 3; and the Karan Chavis and Her Quartet on Wednesday, May 10.

Each month will follow a jazz-style pattern, with the first week catering to modern jazz; the second week featuring vocalists; the third week gypsy jazz; and the fourth week a mix of the styles.

Goodwood is located at 636 E. Main St.