Goss Ave. Pub took the place of Germantown Craft House. | Photo by Kevin Gibson

The owners of Goss Ave. Pub have decided to close the four-month-old Germantown bar and restaurant after being presented with an offer to buy the property, according to owner Pat Hagan.

He and his business partner Beau Kerley are in the process of selling the building, but the deal isn’t completely done. Hagan declined to say who plans to buy the property but said the buyer wants to open a restaurant there.

“It’s a beautiful building, and it’s already outfitted,” he said.

The pair has already sold their property at 2636 Frankfort Ave. where Crescent Hill Craft House is located. That bar and restaurant is not closing, however, Hagan said.

Hagan told Insider that they had hoped to keep the Goss Ave. Pub, located at 1030 Goss Ave., running until the sale was finalized but decided to close the pub now for multiple reasons. It was hard to retain employees after word got out that they planned to sell the building, he said, and business was only OK.

“It wasn’t setting the world on fire,” Hagan said, later adding that employees wanted to know what’s going on “and we didn’t want to lie to them.”

He said employees were offered jobs at one of the group’s other restaurants, Bluegrass Brewing Company downtown and Crescent Hill Craft House.

At least one employee took to Facebook to complain, saying workers were given less than 24 hours notice.

“The Goss Ave Pub closes tomorrow. They gave us less than 24 hours notice. Again…” one employee posted on her Facebook page.

Hagan and Kerley opened Goss Ave. Pub in late January after closing the site’s original concept, Germantown Craft House. That concept also closed with little to no notice.

The owners said the Germantown Craft House was not performing well and cannibalized some business from the Crescent Hill Craft House.

Hagan and Kerley also recently closed the Bluegrass Brewing Company location in St. Matthews. Employees also complained then that they were given little notice that the restaurant and brewery was closing.

The Bluegrass Brewing Company downtown and Crescent Hill Craft House are doing well, Hagan said. And construction work on the Bluegrass Brewing Company location near Fourth Street and Broadway also is set to begin soon; the location closed while Kindred expanded its headquarters but is expected to reopen this fall, according to Hagan.

In addition to selling off the Goss Ave. Pub site, Hagan and Kerley sold the property where Crescent Hill Craft House sits. Rohit Nahata bought the property for $1.225 million in early May, according to county property records.

Nahata is a real estate agent with Keller Williams Realty and worked with developer and filmmaker Gill Holland on a couple of movies. Hagan said the property was an investment for Nahata and that Crescent Hill Craft House has a contract to lease the building for five years with the option of renewing it for up to 10 more years.

“I just had an offer that was too good to pass up,” Hagan said, adding that they were able to use to money to pay off debt they owed from investments in Goss Ave. Pub.