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Louisville loves to rally around its small businesses, which are the pulse of the entrepreneurial community. For nearly two decades, Greater Louisville Inc. has honored standouts with its Inc.credible Awards.

A sold-out crowd at C2 Event Venue on Thursday watched the honorees accept awards from everything from small business of the year to leader of the year.

Here is a list of the winners, a description of their organization from GLI and what makes them Inc.credible:

Small Business of the Year (1-50 employees)

  • Oliver Group works with organizations ranging from startups to Fortune 100s, helping clients fuel growth, overcome obstacles and achieve specific goals. The firm provides an individualized approach to problem-solving within an organization for each client. What makes it Inc.credible? Oliver Group’s consulting programs have helped organizations, both small and large, achieve higher levels of performance in leadership, teamwork, hiring, and more. The firm’s ability to drive change is rooted in the team’s sincere, problem-solving attitude and a desire to engage and impact. They don’t just help organizations create the playbook, they work alongside their partners and across organizations to help them perform at new levels.

 Small Business of the Year (51-100 employees)

  • Office Resources Inc. (ORI) provides its clients with high-quality, high-performing work environments. Its mission is to create workplaces that support clients’ business objectives while energizing and inspiring their employees. What makes it Inc.credible? ORI is committed to taking a customer-centered approach and has developed four value propositions to accomplish this. The team has observed over time that customer expectations tend to vary by the size and complexity of their organizations. By constructing four different value propositions, they are able to provide exceptional service to an array of customers with diverse needs.

Small Business of the Year (101-200 employees)

  • ARGI is a personal and business financial advisory firm. The team offers clients an adaptive approach to planning that allows them to continually make rewarding decisions based on ever-changing circumstances. What makes it Inc.credible? For over two decades, ARGI has embraced the same values and has provided its clients with prudent advice, combined with dedicated support and execution. ARGI is committed to its clients, team members, and the community. Since 1995, it has sought to create a legacy internally and externally. ARGI’s commitment to supporting its local communities is a crucial part of its mission.

Small Business Leader of the Year

  • Sadiqa Reynolds is the President and CEO of Louisville Urban League, a nonprofit organization that is a catalyst for change and social justice in the Louisville area. What makes her Inc.credible in the Leader of Year Category? Reynolds has dedicated her life to improving greater Louisville through her leadership, public service, and by building relationships within the community. She spearheads multiple campaigns to support underserved groups and advocates for individuals who need it the most.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Award

  • Wicked Sheets, an autism-friendly employer, offers comfort sleep solutions for sleepers suffering from night sweats and hot flashes. Their moisture-wicking and cooling sleep products keep sleepers cool and dry all night long. What makes it Inc.credible in the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Category? The team is dedicated to partnering with manufacturers whose hiring mission is centered around providing opportunities for adults with disabilities, formerly incarcerated people and refugees. Wicked Sheets and its “behind the seams” team advocates to provide opportunities that help make a difference.

 Health and Wellness Award

  • SentryHealth uses business analytics and clinical expertise to reduce healthcare costs while improving the health and well-being of employees and their families. What makes it Inc.credible in the Health & Wellness Category? The staff is dedicated to delivering innovative products and services to best meet the health care needs of their clients and the greater population now and into the future.

Innovation Award

  • EdjAnalytics uses data science, artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve decision-making in the industries of sports, health care, financial services and education. What makes it Inc.credible in the Innovation Category? Whether it is winning more NFL games, reducing hospital readmissions or helping school systems identify which students are at risk of dropping out of school, the company’s predictive analytics and decision optimization tools allow its partners to improve their goals. The team is committed to making Louisville a tech hub and continue to contribute to making our region and state more intelligent and a better place to live.

Nonprofit of the Year Award

  • Waterfront Botanical Gardens develops experiences that promote appreciation and understanding of plants for a more harmonious, sustainable world. Their vision is to create a botanical garden and conservatory that inspires the Louisville community. What makes the organization Inc.credible in the Nonprofit Category? They are so much more than their wonderful vision that will benefit our city. The patience and focus of their team, board, and mentors has impacted community awareness and has provided environmental resiliency to the Greater Louisville region. The new Waterfront Botanical Gardens’ brings the entire state of Kentucky to the forefront of innovation and environmentalism.

People’s Choice Award

  • Technology Plus (Your Geek Alternative), offering technology solutions focusing on communications cabling, information technology services, and telephone systems.