Tanisha Hickerson (far left) and Karen Faulkner (far right) await recanvassing results. | Photo by Jonathan Meador

Two Jefferson County primary candidates held onto narrow victories Thursday following the results of a vote recanvassing.

In the ninth division district court primary, Tanisha Hickerson held onto her second-place win over opponent Karen Faulkner. Faulkner, who came in third-place, requested the recanvassing last week to contest her narrow, 17-vote loss to Hickerson.

And in the 43rd Kentucky House GOP primary, Everett Corley maintained his nine-vote margin over Denise Raine.

In both cases, the vote totals were exactly the same as originally counted by election officials after polls closed the night of the May 22 election, officials said.

The death of the ninth division primary’s largest vote-getter, Daniel “Danny” Alvarez, posed a novel situation in the context of the recanvassing.

With the primary results certified, the ninth division candidates retain their placing even though Alvarez will no longer appear on the general ballot this fall.

This means that Hickerson, who came in second, would be the de facto candidate for that division come November. Had Faulkner’s recanvassing request resulted in at least a net 18-point swing in her favor, Faulkner would be the de facto candidate during the general election season.

Hickerson and Faulkner appeared in person at the Jefferson County State Board of Elections office at the Edison Center, and shook hands and exchanged mutual congratulations once the recanvassing results had been announced.

“Danny and I were friends,” Hickerson told Insider Louisville after the recanvassing. “We were fond of each other, we knew what we could both bring to the bench. And I guess in my own unique way, I get to honor his legacy [by having] a part of him on the bench with me. It’s unfortunate that he’s not here with us, but it just kind of steps us all up a little bit to do more work and to make him proud.”

Corley, who attended the recanvassing wearing a star-spangled “Make America Great Again” ball cap, will face off against Democrat Charles Booker this fall.