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Shiver me timbers, it’s pretty chilly out there Louisville.

The spotlight is on us, Kentucky, this Thursday, as two politicians will come, smile for cameras, and debate national issues in front of us Bluegrassers.

Many will cheer on their team in hopes of a victory, whatever that means.

But as the suits return to the trail, we are left with the weekend ….

 • Wild and Woolly in The Woods Sat., Oct. 13

Local business, movie lovers and those fascinated by all things weird in Louisville, the highlight of the weekend may not be as scary as Thursday night’s debate, but it will surely be more fun.

Wild and Woolly in the Woods is set to take place on Saturday. The local movie-rental store’s event is taking place out in Jefferson Memorial Forest. For those looking for a good scare and movie trivia, everyone brave enough to venture into our fine forestry is welcome, as long as you are 18 years old or older.

Sorry kids, and high school juniors, this night will be some good ole fashioned grown up fun!

Taco Punk will cater, and Bluegrass Brewing Co. will quench everyone’s thirst, as Louisville movie fans will all gather to watch, “Let Sleeping Corpses Lie.”

The zombie classic will require everyone to bundle up, and I’d look over my shoulder if I were you … you never know when a stray zombie could be wandering through the brush.

Support your local scene, and do something that fits the holidays that isn’t as corporate as a bucket full of Nestle candy.

You’ll have a good chance at winning free stuff too!

The event is free and it starts at 7 p.m. $5 for parking.

The Spring Standards. (Click to enlarge.)

• The Spring Standards at Uncle Slayton’s on Saturday

Harmonies are in, and The Spring Standards have them.

Hailing all the way from New York City, the trio rocks out country and rock sounds, while singing three part harmonies, the one, the third, and the fifth for you music heads.

Three different songwriters, and instrumentalists make up the band: James Cleare, James Smith, and Heather Robb.

The band’s energy and their hopping around and showcasing their different talents on different instruments seems to be a highlight of their live show.

The band takes folk/country/soft-rock and kicks it up a gear.

One must like a band willing to try and do all it can on stage, and it should translate to a fun viewing experience.

Louisville folk-artist, and Uncle Slayton favorite JK Mabry will open up the night. If you have not catch the local talent, do so.

If you’ve got plaid on this weekend, you should probably come here, as lumberjack fashion will be a plenty!

Door open at 9 p.m.

Uncle Slayton’s is at 1017 E. Broadway on the eastern edge of downtown. Tickets for this over-21 show are $8, and you can buy them here.

• The Werks at New Diamonds on Saturday

For all you jam-band fans, hippies, and indulgers – The Werks are coming to Louisville again, and it is sure to be a wild time.

New Diamonds, at 630 Barrett Ave., has been booking more, and more impressive shows, and it’s importance as a venue is quickly growing.

The Werks are a pretty popular group here in Kentucky, as they frequent Louisville, and Lexington, as well as hosting their own little festival in Eastern Kentucky called, The Werk-Out Festival.

This is a hardcore jam band known for its improvisation skills and its psychedelic-funk fusion.

So if you want to see some lasers, get wild and are okay with dreadlock overload… head here on Saturday!

Tickets are $12 for this over-18 show.