It’s the weekend before Forecastle, and there’s no shortage of music around town, from singer-songwriters to ambient to pure rock-and-roll. It starts tonight …

Andrew Rinehart EP Release w/ Howell Dawdy, and The Caribbean
Haymarket Whiskey Bar
Friday, July 11; Doors 8 p.m  / Show 9
Door $7

Andrew Rinehart was born in Louisville and moved about, now living in Los Angeles. His music is solid singer-songwriter, and it’s smart but perhaps predictable. Predictable in his world, however, isn’t a bad thing. He’s predictably making songs that you know but don’t quite know. His EP release party happens Friday at Haymarket Whiskey Bar. I wish he’d made a video of his song “Doin What We Have To Do” that featured Cheyenne Mize so I could link it up. That song seems to sum up his here and now, and Louisville would get the duo. I can’t confirm it, but I’m hoping Mize will swing by Haymarket Friday night for that duo. Rinehart is joined by Louisville’s Howell Dawdy, who are the opposite of Rinehart with their smart cynical comedic lyrics. And from D.C., The Caribbean who are on a Midwest tour.

Zach Longoria Project CD Release w/ Ricky Morse, and The Kevin Cummings Band
Headliners Music Hall
Saturday, July 12; Doors 7 p.m. / Show 8

I’ve written about Zach Longoria Project before, and I like them. They fill a niche many who want to see live music in Louisville fear doesn’t exist here. Think soul, jazz; think a little of Chicago mixed with New Orleans. (Except they sometimes like covers, and when they cover they sound like any wedding band in the nation.) The new CD is ZLP and features not just the songwriting of Longoria, but the gorgeous instrumentals of his guitarists, drummer, sax, and whatever else they toss on stage at Headliners. The Project is joined by Louisville’s Ricky Morse and The Kevin Cummings Band.

Alan Rhody
The Rudyard Kipling
Saturday, July 12; Doors 6 p.m. / Show 8
$10 Door

What many don’t realize about touring singer-songwriters is that sometimes they write songs for bands you know, but you might not know the songwriter. Alan Rhody is a writer who has written many songs for bands who took his work and made hits (example: “I’ll Be True To You,” a hit for the Oak Ridge Boys). He’s played with John Prine, Louisville favorite Sam Bush, John Hartford, and he’s been featured on NPR. He’s from Louisville. He wrote poetry, songs, and made visual art here in Louisville. His latest single no doubt featured Saturday night is “The Kentucky Derby Waltz.” He doesn’t live here anymore, but he’s home for a night. Alan will play the hits others recorded and many, many other songs the industry wouldn’t, or hasn’t, taken a gamble on. He’s at The Rud, more intimate and better drinks than Bluebird Café in Nashville where Rhody often plays. If you love a true singer-songwriter making a living at it and loving it, check him out.

O O O w/ All Dead, Gravemouth, and Dream Eye Color Wheel
The New Vintage
Saturday, July 12; Doors 7:30 p.m. / Show 8:30
Door $5

Louisville ambient band O O O shares the stage with some serious experimental and basic rock music Saturday night at The New Vintage. Louisville’s All Dead have a more tangible sound over O O O, a bit of metal mixed with loud. I have never, ever written about a band from my birth town (none of us can control where we’re born), and Gravemouth are driving south from Columbus, Ind., to play their original mellow, basic rock sound. Rounding out this eclectic and rewarding Vintage night is Dream Eye Color Wheel.

Poorcastle Festival
Apocalypse Brew Works
Saturday and Sunday, July 12-13; hours vary (doors at noon)
$5 each day

My pick of the weekend is easy. It’s $5 for a full day of music, and music that highlights our region. When I first moved to Louisville, Forecastle was at Mellwood Arts, probably didn’t cost much more, and I preferred the bands playing outside to those I’d paid to see inside. Life is funny that way. If I had to choose I’d pick Sunday over Saturday at the Apocalypse Brew Works (but you should really go both days). There is something about that night lineup that features Twin Limb, Twenty First Century Fox, and Brent Mathis (4 p.m.). If you have no idea what’s happening in the Louisville music scene, Forecastle isn’t the place to see it. Poorcastle is. How the times have changed. (I will still watch the Forecastle shit out of Jack White.)