A sugar buzz awaits.

A sugar buzz awaits. | Courtesy of Thorntons

The Kentucky State Fair opens its gates on Thursday, and to celebrate and nab some of the spotlight, Metro area Thorntons are offering up Cotton Candy Donuts. Is the¬†sticky-sweet sentiment sincere or questionable? That’s for you to decide next time you fill up your tank.

The puffy, fluffy confection supposedly tastes like sugar on a stick. According to the press release, they took a glazed donut, dunked it in cotton-candy-flavored pink icing, doused it with sprinkles, and then topped it off with a dollop of  blue cotton-candy-flavored whipped cream.

Sounds like something straight out of a Katy Perry video and not on the Beyonce diet.

The donuts will be available starting today through the end of August at Thorntons in Louisville, Southern Indiana and Lexington.