Wel at Humana is a new health and fitness center downtown. | Photo by Darla Carter

A meditation pod, indoor cycling studio and computerized, on-demand workouts are just some of the standout features of Humana’s new wellness center on West Main Street.

The 29,000-square-foot facility known as Wel at Humana — yes, with one ‘l’ — opened this week at 522 W. Main St. as a health and fitness option for Humana employees and members of the community.

“We’re expecting 400 to 500 visits a day,” said Robert Fernandez, director of account management at EXOS, which manages Wel.

Wel includes several high-tech workout areas. | Photo by Darla Carter

The center, which is adjacent to the Humana building, gets its name from the first three letters of well-being and welcome. It’s expected to attract a variety of downtown workers, families and individuals looking to work out, receive a nutritional consultation, meditate or blow off some steam.

“We’re here for everyone, so I anticipate a whole lot of people coming,” said Nick Nosko, manager of workplace solutions. “Our existing membership base has been taking advantage of the space already. We’ve had a lot of folks sign up from the community as well as additional associates (Humana employees) over the last few months.”

The two-story facility, designed by IA — Interior Architects — is chock-full of equipment, such as treadmills, recumbent bikes and virtual experience bikes, for those looking to improve cardiovascular fitness. It also will offer classes, such as Bootcamp, Tabata and Zumba.

The Somadome is promoted for stress relief. | Photo by Darla Carter

A large section of cardio equipment is equipped with technology that allows users to put in a code to be taken through a personalized workout. The ESD (energy systems development) technology removes the guesswork for people who aren’t sure exactly what to do when they come to a fitness center, Fernandez said.

“This is very straightforward,” he said.

The wellness center also features weight machines and a Queenax unit, which is like a jungle gym for adults. Also on the main floor, there’s a large, group-fitness room with a touch-screen system that can be used to call up a workout.

For those looking to relax, there are massage and meditation areas on the lower floor. The tranquil space includes a Somadome, which is basically a meditation pod that you sit down in and pull a lid down over the upper part of your body. A control pad is used to select your desired experience.

Scott Donald in a game room at Wel. | Photo by Darla Carter

“It walks you through some exercises using sound and light therapy,” Nosko said. “We’ve also got some other dedicated spaces in that room for you to kind of just chill out.”

Scott Donald, a 33-year-old triathlete who runs a wellness app for Humana, said Wel is motivating him to workout daily.

“Just the light, the energy. It’s feels like it’s a new device at your home that you want to play with,” said Donald, who’s been spending a lot of time on the weight machines and is looking forward to trying the indoor cycling equipment.

Community memberships start at $25 per month for individuals ($20 for seniors) and $45 per month for a family with no contracts, according to Humana.

For more information about the new center, go to welathumana.com or call (502) 580-9354.