Our MBB spies, who are everywhere, sent us this image from inside the Humana Digital Experience offices on Main Street.

Our MBB spies, who are everywhere, sent us this image in August from inside the Humana Digital Experience offices on Main Street.

As Humana goes, so goes Louisville.

Historically, Kentucky’s largest corporation ranked by revenue has also been one of Louisville’s biggest innovators, with many top executives, entrepreneurs and tech leaders passing through health insurer/health care provider. They include tech guru Jay Garmon, Ken Berryman, Kentucky director at Charlotte-based Capital South Partners, and Wayne Smith, chairman and CEO at Community Health Systems in Nashville.

Which is why we led the Sept. 15 Monday Business Briefing with a segment about Humana carving out space on Main Street for its Digital Experience Center. Today, we got confirmation from Humana the company is planning a formal media rollout for the center scheduled for noon on Thursday.

Bruce Broussard, president and CEO, will talk about how the space fits into Humana’s overall strategy. And from what we got from a spokesperson, Broussard will reveal details about how Humana is introducing a new work environment modeled on tech firms in Silicon Valley, with a stress on greater collaboration between associates.

He’ll also talk about new products coming out of that environment.

This is another case where IL had pieces of a larger story, but didn’t realize it.

Last month, MBB broke the story that Humana is working with Pivotal Labs. Today, Humana executives verified the relationship with Pivotal Labs, based in San Francisco. The software consulting firm has offices in top tech towns from Palo Alto to Boston, and even in London.

Pivotal Labs has carved out a very successful niche by not simply taking outsourced software projects from large clients, but sending their talent to work along side clients’ talent. They teach clients “pair programming” – two-engineer teams focused designing software, with no outside distractions, according to Wired Magazine and other tech websites.

As we said in August, Pivotal Labs would be the first really exciting company to land in Louisville since Gazelle if they are committing to a long-term presence here.

We’re assuming Broussard will explain how all these pieces fit together. And we hope executives from Pivotal will be available.

More as we know more.