Maybe you stayed up too late last night watching “Game of Thrones.” You may have missed these stories waiting for your morning coffee to kick in…

Abortion protesters convene in Louisville while judge debates buffer zone for clinic

Protesters at the EWM Women’s Surgical Center | Photo by Kevin Gibson

The pro-life group Texas-based Operation Save America is in Louisville this week at Louisville Grace Community Church of the Nazarene. The group’s leaders have pledged to fight to close the EMW Women’s Surgical Center on West Market Street and plan to protest at the clinic every day during the week they are in town.

Today U.S. District Judge David Hale is debating arguments on whether to keep in place the temporary restraining order he issued Friday barring protesters from a 15- by 7.5-foot area at the entrance to Kentucky’s only remaining abortion clinic. Should the clinic close, Kentucky would be the only state without an abortion provider.

11 members of Operation Save America were arrested at the clinic in May. They linked their arms together and blocked the entrance to the clinic and were repeatedly asked to leave by police. They were charged with trespassing.

The Anti Defamation League says, “Operation Save America (OSA) is an organization with a three-pronged mission to demonize abortion, homosexuality and Islam, declaring that ‘all three have entered into a pact with death.’ ”

New nonprofit courting nonstop air service

A nonprofit coalition calling itself the Louisville Regional Airlift Development recently formed in Louisville, according to a news release. The group, which is comprised of business leaders, private investors and government officials, wants to attract more nonstop air service out of the Louisville International Airport.

LRAD will use an incentive program, funded by public and private dollars, to attract new flights to Louisville. Top of the organization’s list is nonstop flights to Los Angeles and Boston. Check Insider Louisville tomorrow for a more in-depth story on LRAD. –Caitlin Bowling

Swim season to last a little longer

The public pool in the Algonquin park is empty after a day of lifeguard training. | Photo by Peter Champelli

Metro Parks and Recreation have announced that their four outdoor pools will remain open one week later this summer to give people one more option when it comes to beating this sweltering heat. The pools – Camp Taylor (Norton), Algonquin, Sun Valley and Nelson Hornbeck (Fairdale) – were scheduled to close for the season at the end of the day on this Saturday.

Now, the last day for the outdoor pools will be Saturday, Aug. 5. Admission has also been reduced by $1. Adults can now swim at the pools for $2, and those ages 17 and younger can swim for $1.

Trump attorneys ask appeals court to dismiss Louisville lawsuit

President Donald Trump’s attorneys have reached out to the U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals to demand that it dismiss the lawsuit filed by three Louisvillians who claimed that Trump incited violence against them at a rally last year, according to WDRB.

In May, U.S. District Judge David Hale of the Western District of Kentucky declined to dismiss the lawsuit, rejecting Trump’s First Amendment free speech defense. Trump’s attorneys called Hale’s decision “clearly erroneous,” WDRB reported.

“Unless this Court intervenes now, they will succeed in using this meritless claims to hamstring the sitting President and his administration by embroiling the highest ranking Executive Branch officials in a contentious and distracting discovery fight.”

At the rally, WDRB reported, Kashiya Nwanguma, Molly Shah and Henry Brousseau claimed that they were physically assaulted by Trump supporters at his urging to “get ’em out of here” because they were peacefully protesting.