Some of these topics may sound familiar, so if you missed them, it’s not your fault…

SB Nation ranks Louisville No. 3 city for NBA expansion

The “NBA or no NBA” debate goes on (and on and on), this time with Tom Ziller of the sports blog SB Nation weighing in. According to SB Nation, Louisville is the third most likely city for an NBA expansion, trailing behind Seattle and Mexico City.

Things working in Louisville’s favor: our basketball obsession, the Yum! Center, no other professional teams and the NBA’s strong presence in the South.

Working against us: our lack of billionaires to buy a team (“likely necessitating a messy group project”), the dearth of major corporations to buy the big suites and the fact that the Indiana Pacers could object.

While Ziller gives big ups to the potential “Kentucky Colonels” for a team name, he also recommends that Louisville considers paying homage to the GOAT with a team name; the “Louisville Champs,” however, is just asking for derision.

Chef Edward Lee up for a James Beard Foundation Award… again

Chef Edward Lee owns fine dining restaurants Milkwood and 610 Magnolia. | File Photo

Chef Edward Lee has been nominated for the eighth time for a James Beard Foundation Award for Best Chef: Southeast for his restaurant 610 Magnolia. He has been nominated every year since 2008, so he’s well on his way to becoming the Susan Lucci of Louisville’s restaurant scene.

James Beard Foundation Awards recognize culinary and spirits excellence in 21 categories.

The only other Kentucky nominee is Drew Kilsveen of Willett Distillery in Bardstown for Outstanding Wine, Beer or Sprits Professional.

Other Louisvillian chefs who have been nominated in the past include Kathy Caty of Lilly’s Bistro, Anthony Lamas of Ceviche and Coby Ming who was at Harvest at the time.

Having only one Louisvillian in the nominee pool is pretty rare for this city which deems itself a “foodie” city. But proud we are of Chef Lee!

Chef Lee recently made news when he announced that he would be opening a casual burger restaurant at Fourth Street Live, in the space The Pub formerly occupied.

“This is really meant to be a fun concept,” Lee told Insider Louisville at the time. “What I don’t want is an old-school, snooty whiskey bar. We want to create a whiskey bar for the next generation.”

Five startups participated in GLI and Nucleus-led RevIt Marketing program 

Five startups were selected for the pilot of the RevIt Marketing program, created by GLI and Nucleus and housed at iHub. The three-hour session paired high-growth potential startups with marketing mentors to offer targeted advice. The mentors briefed on their assigned founders’ company and marketing needs.

The five companies were (descriptions provided by GLI):

  • FreshFry, which developed the FreshFry Pod to remove impurities and extend the life of frying oil for restaurants. The company is a LaunchIt graduate, Vogt Award winner, an EnterpriseCorp “HOT” company, and a tenant on the Campus.
  •  Stinger Equipment, which manufactures revolutionary equipment for landscape professionals, featuring the World’s First Hydro-static Wheelbarrow, the Go Barrow 9000. The company is a LaunchIt graduate, Vogt Award winner, and an EnterpriseCorp “HOT” company.
  • Switcher Studio, which is a video creation platform. The service includes access to the Switcher iOS video mixing app, cloud services, desktop tools and support. Users can sync up to four iPhones and iPads to record and stream live video with TV quality results and share instantly on YouTube, Facebook and more. The company is an EnterpriseCorp “HOT” company and is currently a tenant on the Campus.
  • TriBlue Corporation, which produces a product that removes carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide from natural processing plants. The company is a LaunchIt graduate, Vogt Award winner, and an EnterpriseCorp “HOT” company.
  • Vivorte, which identifies, develops and commercializes innovative orthopedic devices to improve the lives of patients and meet market needs. The company was co-founded by Dr. Michael Voor and Ruth Voor. Dr. Voor is the founder and director of the Orthopaedic Bioengineering Laboratory at the UofL School of Medicine.

The American Advertising Federation’s Louisville chapter organized volunteer marketing experts from agencies around the city, including Doe-Anderson, Guthrie/Mayes Public Relations, Kale & Flax, Blackstone Media, Execuity, Fieldtrip, Mightily, PriceWeber, Café Press, Norton Healthcare, Humana, VIA Studio, CleaRly Stated Communications, and the Louisville Convention & Visitor’s Bureau.