Thrivals 10.0 tackles Grit. | Photo by Mickey Meece

“No Grit. No Glory,” clap, clap.

“No Guts. No Story,” clap, clap.

With that shared sentiment, students at the IdeaFestival’s daylong Thrivals 10.0 on Tuesday got a taste of what it means to have some grit.

Brittany Packnett

Why do some people quit while others persevere? Well, “grit takes practice,” said Brittany Packnett, Teach for America’s vice president of National Community Alliances.

During the morning, guests whose backgrounds include dance, storytelling, painting, education, theater, music, art, artificial intelligence and social activism shared their personal stories on the notion of grit and the audience of some 280 students and educators participated in a survey, The Grit Scale Simulation.

The group scored a mean 64.25 percent, which according to the survey, reflected how passionate and persevering they saw themselves to be.

One survey question result stood out to the presenters: “I have overcome setbacks to conquer an important challenge.”

A majority, 51 percent, of the audience said “it was very much like me.”

Grit Scale Simulation | Thrivals 10.0

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