JLaw’s new ‘do. Photo credit Mark Townsend via Instagram

Here’s a look at Louisville news from around the internet and around the world for the week of April 26 …

One More Year: ESPN, The Bleacher Report, USA Today, and anyone that covers sports in any way reports that Russ Smith, the Cardinals’ leading scorer, will return to finish his senior year, get his degree, and add a few more pounds before heading off to the NBA.  Smith’s return has the experts predicting a possible repeat as National Champs. 

Two Minute Warning: There’s a little horse race coming up that seems to attract a little national interest, and this year’s no different.  Well, it’s a little different, considering heightened concerns over security, and news orgs globally are running the AP’s story on security and the “No Backpacks” rule, while photog sites like Popular Photography are covering the “No Interchangeable Lenses” rule.  Forbes has put together a “What to do, what to see, where to go” travel guide, and The NY Times ponders whether or not a woman can win the garland of roses.

Meanwhile, across the pond, Londonist has a feature on a Man vs Food Kentucky Derby celebration happening at Beard to Tail Bar and Restaurant. It seems patrons are asked to eat as much pulled pork as they can in 2 minutes, followed by a lot of whiskey.  No, really.

U of L’s Russ Smith is sticking around

Flu Season: Remember a few years ago when we were all worried about Avian Flu for a minute and then went on to freak out about the next thing that was going to kill us all? Turns out, it’s still a problem. Fox Business reports good things for YUM! Brands in China, despite big concerns of a bird flu outbreak there.  Though there will be an anticipated decline in business, YUM! predicts a solid bounce back.

Positively Beaming: The Wall Street Journal features Louisville startup Beam in a piece on bossy gadgets designed to cajole you into good behavior when there’s not a flesh-and-blood cajoler around to do it. Beam is near and dear to us here at IL, just around the corner, actually, and their toothbrush looks great and will keep track of your brushing habits, rewarding you for success.

Did I Say That? Huh: One problem with being a political figure can be that you have to talk a lot, and people seem to be writing it down.  So when you say something different, people can get understandably testy and might even start to doubt your sincerity.  And so it goes with this take on Rand Paul from Forbes, regarding his stance on drones.

Earth, Meet Shattering:  The biggest news of the week, Kentucky-related or otherwise: Jennifer Lawrence cut her hair.  It seems, according to the Louisville native, that she did it mostly because she just sort of wanted to. Miley Cyrus has already weighed in, as she pontificated on social media site Twitter on Tuesday, “I ❤ JLAW new hair cut #shorthairdontcare.” Sometimes, you don’t even need all 140 characters to cut to the heart of things.

People Magazine already has a poll up in which you can say if you like it better curly or straight.