Primary Colors: Primary elections were held in Kentucky on Tuesday and we have some headlines.

CNN, The Washington Post, PBS News Hour and Marine Corp Times report retired fighter pilot Amy McGrath defeated Lexington mayor Jim Gray to become the Democratic candidate for Kentucky’s 6th district for the U.S. House of Representatives.

Said Ms. McGrath:

Six months ago, political pundits and establishment insiders didn’t think we could pull this off. Did you ever show them! What those insiders maybe still don’t know is how this happened. Well, I know how it happened. It’s because you all care about the future of our country, and you have a renewed sense of purpose in fighting for what America really is.

Here’s her victory speech:

The New York Times takes a look at how it happened, too. And it all started with that candidacy announcement video, which was so expensive to shoot that it had the campaign  in the hole from the start.

She’ll face off against Republican Andy Barr in November.

Over in Mt. Vernon, Ky., Travis Brenda, a Rock Rockcastle County High School math teacher won the 71st district Republican primary. Mr. Brenda, another first-time candidate defeated House Majority Leader Jonathan Shell, says The New York Times, NPR, NBC News and Education Week.

TIME ran the headline: “This Teacher Beat Kentucky’s House Majority Leader in the GOP Primary. Then He Went Back to School.”

Damn right. That’s what teachers do.

Said Mr. Brenda:

The title of majority floor leader really does not mean anything to me. What’s important to me is, are they listening to their constituents and are they doing what’s best for Kentucky and best for the district here at home. And I think a message was sent last night.

Mr. Brenda is part of a dozen current or retired educators who won primaries Tuesday. They’re riding their own wave of activism, stemming from the protests of legislation enacted this spring, including the sewage bill that all of a sudden wasn’t a sewage bill and became a pension bill instead. What’s shady about that?

Meanwhile, in Rowan County, David Ermold lost his bid to take on County Clerk Kim Davis in the fall, says USA Today, TIME and The New York Times. Mr. Ermold and his husband, also David, were one of the couples denied a marriage license back in 2015. His campaign raised over $200,000 from all over the country, but ultimately he fell to a more experienced candidate, Elwood Caudill Jr., chief deputy in the county property valuation office. Mr. Caudill had faced Ms. Davis in 2014 and came just 23 votes shy of victory.

A lot has happened since then.

In addition to Mr. Caudill’s familiarity with voters, other sources note residents weren’t crazy about the media attention the Davis story brought to Morehead and as such, might have been wary of an Ermold/Davis showdown playing out for the next six months. We’ll find out in the fall if that sentiment carries over into the general; Ms. Davis saw no Republican challenger in the primary.

And then finally, there’s Don Blankenship. You remember — this guy:

That’s right. The “China people” and “Cocaine Mitch” guy. So he lost the West Virginia Primary — by a good amount of a lot, as one might have predicted — but it turns out, you just can’t keep crazy down. He’s running as a third-party candidate if the state will let him, says The Washington Post, NBC News and The New York Times.

I say if the state will let him, because West Virginia has a “sour grapes” law, forbidding candidates from switching parties after losing a primary to remain on the ballot. Which looks like what he’s doing, but for whatever reason, he doesn’t think so.

New York Magazine says “Don Blankenship Continues Quest to Help Joe Manchin Keep His Job.” That’s an idea FOX News picks up on in their interview with Mr. Blankenship:

It’s going to be a long and winding road to November.


Foolhardy: Louisville’s own Jim James hit “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” this week, says Paste, Consequence of Sound and Stereogum. He was there to perform “Just a Fool” from his coming third solo album, “Uniform Distortion,” arriving June 29.

Here you go:

There’s a whole lot of speculation about why CBS shot the performance in black and white. Was it a CBS engineer getting arty? Was it Mr. James going for a thing? Was it to go along with “a man out of time” vibe that follows Mr. James?

Maybe, but could be a much simpler explanation: It corresponds to the video, released last month:

So a little Occam’s razor for you there. Don’t always need to over think it.

Keep Your Eye on the Sparrow: In honor of “Red Sparrow” arriving on Blu-ray and DVD on Tuesday and “Solo: A Star Wars Story” arriving in theaters, the loathed E! talks to the latter’s Woody Harrelson about the former’s Jennifer Lawrence and their friendship.

The two go back to their time working on “The Hunger Games” franchise. He says the foundation of their friendship is laughter.

So there you go. They like to laugh. And because it’s E! that’s about as deep as it’s going to get.

Also coinciding with the release of “Red Sparrow” comes a slew of featurettes on making the movie. Entertainment Tonight has an exclusive peak at the costumes and People has a look at Ms. Lawrence’s ballet training.

And and MovieWeb say the coming “Black Widow” movie from Marvel just hired “Red Sparrow” production designer Maria Djurkovic. The Black Widow character from the comics and “Avengers” series, you may recall, is a Russian ballerina turned spy and assassin, undergoing an intense and cruel training process along the way. “Red Sparrow” is about a Russian ballerina turned spy and assassin, undergoing an intense and cruel training process along the way.

So. Pretty good hire, I’d guess. And probably the easiest job Ms. Djurkovic will ever have.

Popping back to the Han Solo movie, it’s getting some pretty darned good reviews, which is something given that early word wasn’t so great.

As one might expect, Chewbacca the Wookie plays a big role in the film. Here’s Emilia Clarke attempting her best Wookie for Jimmy Fallon.

See you next week.