N.K.Unity: Students at Northern Kentucky University protested a racially charged flier on campus this week, says BuzzFeed, The Washington Times, Inside Higher Ed and the Cincinnati Enquirer.

The flier popped up on Twitter this week, posted by NKU student Tiara Atwater:

The “Welcome White Week” flier mocked a “Welcome Black Week” announcement for NKU’s week-long event organized by African American Programs and Services. The mock flier claiming to be of the “Nationalist Society for Inclusive Student Involvement” mentioned events such as “White Lives Matter vs. Black Lives Matter” and “L.G.B.T.Q.R.S.T.U.V. and You.”

The school says the mock flier did not go through proper channels and the Nationalist Society for Inclusive Student Involvement is likely not a real group.

I’d think it more likely to be a couple of knuckleheads with a passing knowledge of basic Photoshop and the backward idea that they’re some kind of clever.

Students gathered on Tuesday along with faculty and staff to show unity and discuss the flier.

Said James Johnson, one of the organizers:

“The reason they did this was because we had Welcome Black Week. The reason we had Welcome Black Week was because we weren’t initially included in the festivities the university has.”

NKU President Geoffrey Mearns attended the protest. He said:

“I’m grateful for the way you’ve responded. You’ve responded in the best way of the character of the people here and the character of this institution.

“You know what the answer is to this right? You know how you defeat ignorance is through knowledge. You defeat despair and cynicism with faith and hope. You defeat darkness with light, and overall you defeat hate with love. I’m thankful for the spirit of the conversation, and the way you’ve responded because you exemplify those traits and that’s why we know we’ll win … I’m glad to be with you. Thank you very much.”

Pew Research published “5 key takeaways about views of race and inequality in America” from a survey published in June. And what they found is that black and white Americans see the world very differently.

Here are the five key findings:

  1. About 61 percent of blacks say race relations are generally bad, while about equal shares of whites say race relations are good/bad.
  1. 88 percent of blacks and seven out of 10 Hispanics say more changes are needed for blacks to have equal rights with whites, compared with 53 percent of whites who feel that way.
  1. 64 percent of black adults say blacks are treated less fairly than whites in the workplace, compared with 22 percent of whites who say the same – a 42-percentage-point gap.
  1. About two-thirds of blacks (65 percent) say they strongly or somewhat support the Black Lives Matter movement, compared with 40 percent of whites and 32 percent of Hispanics.
  1. Blacks lag behind whites in homeownership, household wealth and median income, among other indicators. And these differences remain even when controlling for levels of education.

Go through the comments section of any one of the articles above, including the Pew Research survey, and those altitudinal and experiential differences are well represented. So to Mr. Mearns’ point: The conversation is an important one to have.


Linkin Bridge. Photo: NBC

Link’d In: NBC’s “America’s Got Talent” named its finalists for season 11 and Louisville’s own Linkin Bridge made the cut, reports USA Today, Parade and Hollywood Life.

The Louisville quartet is joined by a few other singers, a contortionist, a juggler, a duo called The Clairvoyants and Tape Face.


Plenty of singers left, but your Linkin Bridge is the only singing group left in the competition.

Here they are performing “7 Years” by Lukas Graham:


Of their semifinals win, the group said, “We came from deep down in our souls and put a little more work in this time.” They sat they’ll pick songs they love to go into the finals.

The “America’s Got Talent” finals start next Tuesday on NBC.


screen-shot-2016-09-09-at-10-02-38-amHoly Guacamole: BuzzFeed put together perhaps its most significant list to date, at least as far as the “In Other News…” North Central Headquarters is concerned: the most popular taco spot in every state. They teamed with Yelp to compile the list, using an algorithm looking at the number of reviews plus the star rating.

Your victor for Kentucky: El Taco Luchador, from right here in Louisville.

Which I gave away with the photo, but I don’t know that I was going for suspense, necessarily.

Yelper Colin G says:

“Just about every taco on the menu seems to be delicious: Steak, Chicken, Baja Fish, Al Pastor, Carnitas, etc. Also have to recommend the mole fries. The sauce and the cheese they put on top of them is incredible.”

I have not been to this Taco Luchador, an error which I shall rectify this very weekend.


Press Package: Your girl Jennifer Lawrence is front and center of two marketing waves this week.

The first official poster for her upcoming movie “Passengers” arrived this week, says ScreenCrush and Dark Horizons. Here’s the poster:

From a design standpoint, it reads more like a book jacket to me than a movie poster. But it also has two of the biggest draws in Hollywood right now, so I don’t know that it matters.

Birth.Movies.Death calls the poster “creepy.” MovieWeb notes the poster teams Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt, which is good since they appear to be the only two people around for most of the movie.

So that’s the film side of things. The other big push is in her role as the face of Dior, which launched its fall campaign, says the Los Angeles Times, InStyle, Entertainment Tonight and the loathed E!

Here’s a look at one of the ads:
At the Entertainment Tonight article, there’s a link to an “Exclusive” about her accent getting more Southern when yelling at her ex-boyfriend. Like the Incredible Hulk, only with a broader drawl growing instead of turning big and green.

Either way, I said it last month and I’ll say it again, Entertainment Tonight is vapid enough in its reporting to get itself an “In Other News…” adjective just like the one earned by the loathed E! Just a matter of time. I don’t get pointed there as much, so its easier for me to forget they’re in contention for awful.

They also point out that Ms. Lawrence looks like a natural while seated, which after 26 years of sitting most everyday, it’s good to know that work has paid off.

There’s a new fan trailer that remakes “Batman vs. Superman” using footage from the Christopher Reeve Superman, the Michael Keaton Batman and the Lynda Carter Wonder Woman. Here you go:


See you next week.