Shawnee Park

Fatal Shooting: Thanksgiving took a grim turn this year as two men were killed and five hospitalized at Shawnee Park, says CNN, USA Today, ABC News, CBS News and The Guardian.

The annual Juice Bowl — a tradition dating back to the 1950s — drew hundreds to the park for a day of football. It was just before 2 p.m. The kids had played earlier in the day and the women’s flag football game was underway when shots rang out.

The most prevalent reports suggest the altercation began when one man bumped into the motorcycle of another man who was armed with a gun; words were exchanged and the gun was fired. That prompted others nearby to enter the fray with more shots fired. The Courier-Journal quotes Louisville Metro Police homicide Lt. Emily McKinley, who said: “We have heard that,” but added they are working some other angles to get a “solid answer.”

The Courier-Journal also identified the two killed as Michael L. Carter, 26, and William D. McKee, 32. Mr. Carter was shot multiple times; Mr. McKee was shot once. Original reports said only four additional people were hospitalized; later reports amended that number to five.

Mayor Greg Fischer attended the Juice Bowl, reportedly just a couple hundred yards away from the killings.

USA Today said Metro Councilwoman Cheri Bryant Hamilton and Councilman David James, chairman of the Public Safety Committee, believe the police need more help.

Said Councilwoman Hamilton:

“A lot of people are feeling emboldened because there are not enough police officers out in the street anymore. I’m still harping on that. We don’t have our flex platoons and our undercover people walking through the crowds. They may have been able to catch some of this before it happened.”

Louisville’s homicide total grew to 112, a new record. That’s a little over two homicides per week, on average.

Lamar Jackson | Courtesy of UofL Athletics

Lamar Jackson | Courtesy of UofL Athletics

Not so Fast…: Your University of Louisville fighting football Cardinals continue to vex the experts. Take last week’s game against the University of Kentucky winning Wildcats, also yours. This one was a gimme for the Cardinals. Lamar Jackson’s race to the Heisman Trophy. And the Cardinals were 26-point favorites to win. Athlon Sports, for instance, predicted a 45-24 lesson in tough love over the rival Wildcats.

And, well — not so much with that.

Your Wildcats beat out your Cardinals with a late field goal to win, 41-48, says Yahoo! Sports. And they were able to come back following a Lamar Jackson fumble on Kentucky’s 10-yard line with less than two minutes left in the game, says SB Nation.

Not great timing for a turnover and not a great time to struggle for the Heisman frontrunner, whose lead for the coveted trophy has only grown smaller over the last few weeks.

The Courier-Journal asked Lamar Jackson about his Heisman chances, says Bleacher Report:

“I don’t focus on that. I focus on winning. I don’t focus on the Heisman or anything like that.”

Fair. But you did perform the Heisman pose after tying the game at 38, so it was probably on your mind at least a little.


ESPN says Mr. Jackson is still the favorite to win the ACC Player of the Year, and likely that way also goes the Heisman. Sports Illustrated agrees.

ACC Sports also says he’s still the guy and no matter what’s happened in recent weeks, all you need to do is watch this clip:

We’ll find out on Dec. 10.


Hovering Ball of Love: When’s the last time we talked Jim James or My Morning Jacket? I feel like it’s been a bit, but this week, we fix.

Pitchfork and NME report Jim James contributed a short story to a charity compilation, “Stories for Ways and Means,” to support children’s literacy charities. Proceeds go to Room to ReadPencils of Promise, and 826.

Waxploitation founder Jeff Antebi headed the project — 10 years in the making — and features stories from over 30 musicians.

Mr. James contributed “Oslo and Plum,” which follows Oslo the Duck and his pal Plum the Cat on their journey through ice cream mountain as they attempt to escape from the dark leader with the ice cube head, who wore a coat of live kittens.

Waxploitation plans to release narrated features of the shorts; “Oslo and Plum” was released this week. It’s illustrated by Jacob Escobedo and narrated by voice actor supreme Phil LaMarr (“Futurama,”  “Samurai Jack”), who says things like:

“Oslo picked up the magical rock candy and used it to unify the kittens into a hovering ball of love.”

Watch the whole thing below:

Staying with My Morning Jacket, Live for Live Music has audio of the full set of the band’s epic show at the Electric Factory in Philadelphia back in 2006. They were on tour in support of their third album, “Z.”

Road to Madness: Your girl Jennifer Lawrence is out and about with co-star Chris Pratt this week, promoting their soon-to-be released film, “Passengers.” These things can be long, with some serious travel across the globe and a bit of a grind, answering the same questions day after day, hour after hour. So you figure, you need to mix it up.

They’ve not been out a full week yet, and there’s already some social media hijinks underway, which has some media outlets all aflutter.

On Snapchat, Mr. Pratt promised fans “a selfie with Jen,” but to no avail. “I’ll get her tomorrow,” he said. On Tuesday, he posted a photo on Twitter.

But Instagram is where things really took off:



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Just hanging with my bestie Jen. #passengersmovie

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Here Jen and I pose with @elrubiuswtf

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That last one posted Thursday, so this thing has been going strong all week.

GQ says “Chris Pratt is playing a long, subtle, excellent prank on Jennifer Lawrence.” Vanity Fair agrees, saying he’s exploiting her absence from social media. Elite Daily says “Chris Pratt keeps trolling Jennifer Lawrence on Instagram and it’s everything.” Neither InStyle nor Cosmopolitan can get enough and the loathed E! declares it “the best ongoing prank.”

So they all seem to think the goof is on Jennifer Lawrence, but that’s not really how the joke was set up. The setup was: “I’m going to show you a photo of Jennifer Lawrence and me together” and then the punchline is not doing that. By not doing that, he’s playing with everyone expectantly waiting for said photograph, not so much with Jennifer Lawrence.


In just a couple of weeks, your “Star Wars: Rogue One” hits theaters and the press is marching on for that one, too. Here’s star Felicity Jones demonstrating her badassery on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.”

And in honor of the new film, I give you Galactic Empire, a heavy metal outfit of guys playing “Star Wars” songs while dressed as “Star Wars” characters:


So that’s a thing that exists in the world alongside hovering cat balls of love. It’s longish and there’s a weird little skit in the middle — like the rest of it’s perfectly normal. And out of everything in that, my takeaway is there’s no way they can play with those gloves on.

“Star Wars: Rogue One” opens December 16.

See you next week.