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The Secret Ingredient is Love: You know who’s in town? The show “Top Chef.” They announced in February they’d be filming season 16 in and around Louisville.

Shari Levine, EVP of Current Production at Bravo Media, said in a statement:

Kentucky has a strong food identity, and we know our incoming chefs will be inspired by the burgeoning culinary scene, known for its innovative takes on Southern cuisine, melding flavors and use of Kentucky’s agricultural bounty.

And they’re officially here. So far, they seem to ‘ loving it, and they’ve had a good Louisville welcome.

Food and Wine is scoping out where they’ve eaten so far and its hopes for what the season will bring.

Kentucky is pushing the culinary envelope beyond bourbon distilleries. When it comes to food, ‘Southern’ can be an overly broad term, grouping together large swaths of nuanced culture under one umbrella of biscuits and fried chicken. With Top Chef’s upcoming season, we’re looking forward to exploring the state’s regional nuances. Because in Kentucky, even the gas station sausage is world-class.

I really do love the romanticism and sentiment there, and it’s nice for Kentucky to have this vibe coming out of it. But there’s a gas station across the street from the mighty “In Other News …” northern headquarters, and I can tell you, those sausages weren’t world class when they first hit the little turner thing on Tuesday, and they certainly hadn’t aged into world class by this morning.

Thrice cooked sausage has its culinary place, to be sure, but maybe let’s hold off on sending them to Dave’s Gas and Sip until they’ve made their way through some other things.

So where have they been so far? Host Padma Lakshmi posted one of their early outings to her Instagram:

They went to Feast. That’s a good choice.

And they went to Red Herring, according to Graham Elliot’s page:

And Twitter is giving them all kinds of recommendations:

Off the top of my head, I’d send them to Le Relais. Dragon King’s Daughter and Dakshin. And then Buck’s got that big write-up last year about their dacquoise, so that’s a thing. What about you? Where’d you send them?

Wildcats: U.S. News & World Report says Kentucky Fish and Wildlife officials are trying to identify a large feline running about the Anchorage area of East Louisville.

A state release says two Metro Animal Control officers reported seeing what they thought could be a mountain lion or just a really big cat.

Here are some photos for you, the first snapped by a neighbor the other from Metro Animal Control.


Biologists have come to the same conclusion so far: They don’t know what it is. It’s too small for a mountain lion, and much too big for a house cat.

Officials have set up cameras and a large cat cage trap thing. They’re asking residents to stay on the lookout, and if you see something that fits that description, call Kentucky Fish and Wildlife at 800-858-1549 or 502-564-7109.


Drug Crisis: Kentucky’s in the top 10 of a list it doesn’t particularly want to be on this week, as WalletHub profiles “Drug Use by State: 2018’s Problem Areas.” We clock in at No. 9. Washington, D.C., sits at No. 1. Minnesota is the cleanest state. Our neighbors to the north in Indiana sit at No. 7.

Their methodology looked at three main categories: Drug Use and Addiction, Law Enforcement and Drug Health Issues, and Rehab. Each of those categories have subcategories, and it’s all weighted out to get your final rank.

According to their data and methodology, we’re actually on top on the rehab side of things, which is a bit of a surprise.

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Shaping Up: Jennifer Lawrence’s upcoming project, “Bad Blood,” welcomes screenwriter Vanessa Taylor, says Deadline and Film School Rejects.

Ms. Taylor is the Oscar-nominated co-writer of Guillermo del Toro’s “The Shape of Water,” which won Best Picture, and she wrote and produced some 20 or so episodes of “Game of Thrones.” In addition to “Bad Blood,” she’s writing Disney’s live-action adaptation of “Aladdin” and adapting J.D. Vance’s “Hillbilly Elegy” for director Ron Howard. So things are picking up.

“Bad Blood” is based on John Carreyrou’s book of the same name, “Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies in Silicon Valley,” chronicling the rise and fall of Elizabeth Holmes and her silicon valley startup, Theranos. The company caught the attention of investors very quickly and rose to a valuation of $9 billion, with its promises to revolutionize blood testing by using a less invasive pinprick over the traditional injection.

A couple of problems: The tests weren’t terribly accurate or reliable, and rather than fix that little issue, Ms. Holmes decided not to tell anybody.

The Securities and Exchange Commission sued Ms. Holmes for “massive fraud” for raising $700 million on false or exaggerated claims. She settled for $500,000 and the return of 18.9 million shares.

Ms. Lawrence will play Ms. Holmes; Adam McKay will direct. He’ll also produce alongside frequent collaborator Will Ferrell and Ms. Lawrence.

The Ferrell/McKay partnership makes me think it’s going to have a dark comedy biopic vibe in the realm of “I, Tonya,” with its flawed narrator. That’s just conjecture on my part — they just hired a writer this week — but were I betting man, I’d bet that’s where they’re going.

Two birthday shout-outs this month for some mighty “In Other News …” regulars and two of the most important characters in my world: The Dark Lord turns 12 this month. He doesn’t look a day older than 9 and will shame you if you say otherwise.

The Dark Lord

I found him the day after Derby stuck under an overturned recycling bin, with rain pouring in from the holes in the base of the bucket.

And then, there’s the lovely, the talented Megan, with whom I just celebrated eight months of being wed.

I found her working on a touring show of “Hamlet” four years ago. Which doesn’t end so well for, well, really much of anyone in the play, so we’re hoping for a better run.

See you next week.