We already have a brewery

Noble Funk Brewery plans to convert the former Kroger in Old Louisville to a brewery and restaurant that will add a needed presence. | Courtesy of Jefferson County PVA

When Kroger’s on 2nd St closed it effectively canceled the opportunity for thousands of residents in a number of neighborhoods to access fresh produce and other essentials.

The proposed brewery “Noble Funk Brewery hopes to add needed presence to Old Louisville” does not supply a “needed presence” in Old Louisville.

We already have our very own brewery, The Old Louisville Brewery at 625 Magnolia, and really do not need another. What we need is a good grocery store in a central location a reasonable distance for persons who ride buses, bike or walk and who have limited time to shop. Half the size of the old store converted to “an undecided food concept” is an open offense to the diverse population of Old Louisville. Jean Christensen

Public-private ‘partnerships’

You announced that Colonial Gardens will open a restaurant in June “Colonial Gardens renovation nearly complete with first restaurant opening in June.” Apparently, Louisville spent $430,000 to acquire the property, and the city invested over $2 million.

Is this like the soccer field where private corporations use taxpayer fund to develop their business, and they then reap all the profits? Is the rent for the four planned restaurants going to the developer, or is it going to the city? What about tax revenue?

Dozens upon dozens of studies have shown that these “public/private ‘partnerships'” are a loss for the cities. And yet, Louisville keeps leaping into the hole. Karen Claxon

The Gravy Train is over

It is sad that so many are affected by the new rules regarding SNAP recipients (“More than 21,000 Kentuckians lose food aid due to work requirement, groups say.”) It is all sad that the requirements of 20 hours per week is so hard to reach. To put it plain and simple, if you are able to work, then work. The free ride is over.

The working people of Kentucky cannot keep supporting those who find it so difficult to work 20 hrs per week. There are many agencies that can help with training and assistance with going back to school. Edmond David