“I just Didn’t Know” is a peer education campaign on the dangers of youth vaping. | Screenshot vimeo

About those electronic cigarettes

“I just didn’t know” the difference between an electronic cigarette and nicotine-infused glycols. This is what I hear when Ben Chandler, president and CEO of the Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky, says the devices are “chock-full of nicotine.”

The unfortunately named e-cig vaping devices contain no nicotine until you put nicotine into them much like, say, a corn cob pipe. Many former cigarette smokers have successfully used reducing nicotine levels to zero in vapes to quit. In California and, I assume, other states where marijuana has been legalized, there are a ton of vapes that have never been sullied by nicotine.

If the goal is to keep kids from using nicotine, keep the focus on kids and nicotine. How does Mitch McConnell’s effort to further curtail the rights of legal adults between 18 and 21 impact the habits of middle-schoolers? This sounds like just more ineffective pandering to his own diminishing cohort.

I know that peer pressure campaigns can be effective with adolescents, and I applaud Mr. Chandler’s and other’s efforts. These efforts may be even more effective using accurate information. There is little long-term advantage to go all “Reefer Madness“ with it. Sharon Kelly

Help for homeless parents

When I see families with young children or a mother with young children living in their car or in a camp it forces me to consider wonder what circumstances led them to this dire situation. I believe that private and/or public organizations need to aggressively reach out to these people quickly.

The money spent on getting them food, clothing, safe housing and opportunities for employment for both parents along with daycare for their children is a social investment that will pay significant dividends.

I believe that the majority of these families did not cause a problem with alcohol or drugs. I believe that if they’re given just a chance at a restart the vast majority will never find themselves in that situation again.
Disabled Veterans (I am ex-military) and the truly mentally ill need their own programs similar to the above but with the understanding, they might not achieve the complete independence the first group but with guidance, they can achieve a much better quality of life and participate in that endeavor to some extent. George East

Dim the lights

Lights are constantly left on at night in public schools wasting thousands of taxpayer dollars.
I live behind Jefferson County Traditional Middle and I see lights blazing every night. Sometimes the gym lights are also left on. This even happens in the summer when school is out.

I have to pull the curtains in my bedroom the light is so bright, and I’m 200 feet from the school. I contacted the principal about it and she said she would address it but not much has changed. At a time when we are looking for public funding, we should all be better stewards of our dollars. Stephen Wesley