On Nov. 14, IL asked Facebook fans to tell us their favorite things to do in Louisville during the winter. We enticed them with a chance to win a nifty little snow globe featuring prominent Louisville landmarks like the Slugger Museum bat and the Yum! Center. We chose Kim Hudson as the winner, but we enjoyed reading the comments so much that we compiled them here.

Now we know what you like about snow …

Kim Hudson: Watch the sleds at Cherokee Park go down Dog Hill.

David Green: Walking down Bardstown Road in December, enjoying the Highlands and a coffee at Heine Bros.

louEricka Lynn Holbert: Walk downtown near the river early in the morning while everyone is sleeping in. Especially if there is a thin layer of snow. And I always have my favorite cup of coffee from Day’s in my hand to help keep me warm. Being a local girl, I love this city and love all four seasons!!

Cynthia Bard: 1st booth at Irish Rover … fish & chips, Guinness stew … that warm cider drink I can never remember the name of …

Mike Swaim: A routine visit to Check’s Cafe for some awesome chili, fried oysters and of course a nice cold beer or two! 😉

John W. Boyd: Staying home from work when it snows!

Bonita Simmons: Bardstown Road Aglow!

Mark Judah: Have a couple of drinks at the Down One Bourbon Bar, then head next door to the Yum! Center for a U of L game.

Eric Ronay: Leave.

Kim Williams: I haven’t in a long time, but I love walking the trails in the park in winter. Something cool about the way everything opens up with the leaves off of trees.

Behind the Bar with Bartender Rico BeetleSteph Jordan: This time of year I like to sit at Seidenfaden’s with a Guinness and a Jameson neat.

Julie Yates Mayfield: My favorite thing to do in the winter is sit inside and drink bourbon.

Cutty Barmore: Helping someone on the street stay a little warmer. Be it a blanket, a coat or an airplane bottle.

George Halitzka: Hibernate.

Mark Metzger: Eat!!!!

Regina White Wolfe: Looking at the Christmas tree on 4th street!

Rich Givan: Catch a plane South!

Lynn Stetson: Walk through the Highlands and NuLu and shop for gifts in all the unique boutiques and have a cocktail at each bar we pass!