JCPS student assignment committee

JCPS’ student assignment committee meets in February 2019. | Photo by Olivia Krauth

Trying to follow along with Jefferson County Public Schools’ progress in revising its student assignment plan?

You’re in the right spot. Meet Insider Louisville’s JCPS Student Assignment Tracker, an interactive timeline of meetings and decisions on the path to the district’s modified assignment plan. Education reporter Olivia Krauth will regularly update the timeline with changes and meeting minutes, all of which will live on this page.

JCPS began the gargantuan task of reviewing, and almost certainly adjusting, how it decides where its 100,000 students attend class in October 2017. A student assignment review committee of parents, teachers, school administrators and district officials is tasked with handling the process.

The district to revisits the assignment plan every five to seven years, but this venture comes with additional pressure to modify the plan. Nearly a year after the process began, JCPS agreed to make changes to the plan by the 2020-21 school year as part of a deal with the state to avoid a state takeover of the district.

Neither JCPS nor the Kentucky Department of Education has clarified how much of the plan needs to change to comply with the settlement agreement. Education Commissioner Wayne Lewis said shortly after the settlement that he did not have a specific assignment strategy he wanted to be implemented and that assignment decisions needed to be made locally.

Since then, the review committee has solicited community feedback, developed guiding principles for a new plan and discussed issues with the current strategy. Members said throughout the process that they want to bring a plan to the school board by the end of the summer, giving the district enough time to implement it before families begin selecting schools for the 2020-21 year in the fall.

All meetings or events that have happened will appear on the timeline below in white, while scheduled meetings or target dates will be in orange.

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