Picture 2Louisville Metro’s Office of Sustainability is co-hosting the city’s first Sustainability Summit with the Louisville Sustainability Council and the Louisville Zoo.

The summit is scheduled for Jan. 17 and 18 at the zoo, 1100 Trevilian Way, in the Gheens Room.

The purpose of the Sustainability Summit is to “foster community engagement and provide citizens with an opportunity to contribute to the achievement of the goals identified in Sustain Louisville.”

Sustain Louisville was released last March.

An opening reception Friday, Jan. 17, will include a keynote speaker to begin the Summit. That speaker hasn’t been announced.

On Saturday, Jan. 18, attendees will participate in one of five Action Team work groups:

Action Teams
1) Green Building and Green Infrastructure
2) Green Economy
3) Transportation
4) Tree Canopy and Urban Heat Island
5) Community Engagement

 You can register here.

Sustain Louisville goals are:

1.0 Energy

1. Decrease energy use citywide per capita by 25 percent by 2025

2. Decrease energy use in city-owned buildings by 30 percent by 2018

2.0 Environment

3. Mitigate the risk of climate change impacts

4. Achieve and exceed National Ambient Air Quality Standards Ongoing

5. Improve waterway quality 2018

6. Increase recycling citywide by 25 percent by 2015

7. Achieve 90 percent residential recycling participation by 2025

8. Divert 50 of solid waste away from the landfill by 2025 and 90 percent by 2042 2025

3.0 Transportation

9. Decrease transportation-related greenhouse gas emissions by 20 percent by 2020

10. Reduce vehicle miles traveled by 2 percent by 2025

4.0 Economy

11. Provide opportunities for clean economy organizations and innovators, 2015 and develop a qualified workforce to support it

12. Expand the local food system by 20 percent by 2018

5.0 Community

13. Increase access to healthy foods by 20 percent by 2018

14. Increase opportunities for active living by 2015

15. Incorporate sustainability into the Land Development Code by 2015

Comprehensive Plan

16. Replace and reforest parks property and provide nature-based recreation by 2018

17. Expand green infrastructure incentives citywide by 2018

18. Establish a robust urban tree canopy and implement strategies to 2018 mitigate the urban heat island effect

There is no fee for the summit, but seating is limited and is available on a first-come, first-served basis.

A light breakfast and lunch will be provided.

More Information and registration available here.