Judge Olu Stevens

Next week, two defendants in a high-profile criminal case are scheduled to appear before a judge in an open court proceeding.

While that sounds routine, there is a wrinkle. Until this week, it was thought that the case had been sealed by the judge, Jefferson Circuit Court Judge Olu Stevens, meaning as WDRB reported earlier this month, “As per his order, the public would have no idea if and when a trial is scheduled or if the two men decide to plead guilty or charges are dismissed.”

On Monday, Judge Stevens confirmed that he had unsealed the case in the Cherokee Triangle shooting on Nov. 3.

Two defendants, who are both 16 but being charged as adults, are facing multiple charges, including the murder of Jason W. Spencer, 30.

Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Emily Lantz argued that the case should be open, and Stevens said in a Monday hearing that he’d already opened the case. The sealing of the case is considered highly unusual, and nobody, including the defendants’ attorneys, had requested it be sealed.

Stevens unsealed everything in the case except for hearings held on Jan. 30 and Feb. 7.

Stevens had sealed the case against Trayvon Curry and Thaddius Thomas Jr. on Feb. 19, then unsealed it on Feb. 26. A message left for Stevens at his office went unreturned. Two other defendants, ages 13 and 15, have been charged in the case as juveniles.

Thomas and Curry are being held in the Jefferson County Juvenile Detention center on $75,000 bond. Both defendants have requested bond reduction but have been denied.

Their next appearance in court is scheduled for Friday, March 23.

According to a police report, Thomas and Curry were arrested days after the shooting, which happened at 1244 Everett Ave. in the Highlands, both charged with robbery and murder. Police said Spencer and his wife, Andrea Spencer, were robbed at gunpoint by four juvenile men. During the robbery, Jason Spencer was shot and was able to return fire. Spencer died at the scene. Andrea Spencer was not physically harmed.  

Defense Attorney Karen Faulkner said she had no comment.

Curry was arrested on Nov. 5 at the University of Louisville Hospital, where he was being treated for gunshot wounds. Curry has also been charged with tampering with physical evidence.

Spencer worked at Humana and had gotten married only 10 days before the shooting.