The Louisville Bar Association will announce the results of the 2013 Judicial Evaluation of Jefferson Circuit and Family Court judges.

Jefferson Circuit Court hears civil cases.

The evals will be released at a press conference scheduled for 10 a.m. Thur., June 6 at the Louisville Bar Center, 600 W. Main St., Suite 110.

Twenty-three judges were evaluated in this year’s revoew of Jefferson Circuit and Family courts.

The evaluation includes one judge currently serving as a Circuit Court senior status judge, according to a news release.

Attorneys rated judges on a series of attributes including legal ability, court management and judicial temperament.

A total of 433 surveys were completed by attorneys who are members of the Kentucky Bar Association, and who reside and/or are employed in Jefferson County and who qualify under the evaluation guidelines, according to the release.

The results of the evaluation were collected and tabulated by the independent research firm Thoroughbred Research Group and delivered to the respective judges.

From the release

All responses remain anonymous. The purpose of the evaluation is to gather constructive input from members of the bar on the performance of the Jefferson County judiciary. This feedback is critical to the effective administration of justice and to the continued independence of our judiciary.

The judicial evaluation, conducted annually since 1979, assesses the performance of sitting judges and magistrates serving Jefferson County state courts and federal courts for the Western District of Kentucky. The evaluation is designed to inform the judges of their strengths and weaknesses, as well as to provide the public with information they can use in evaluating the judges on Election Day.

Judicial evaluations are funded with money from the Louisville Bar Foundation.

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