Listen up, seasonal brew fans: Keg Liquors is hosting its sixth-annual Feast of Fall Beers this Thursday from 6-9 p.m. at its store in Clarksville (617 E. Lewis and Clark Parkway in Clarksville, 47129.)

Owner Todd Antz said most of the store’s aisle displays will be removed to make room for a brauhaus full of tasters expected to line up for free sips of more than 20 Oktoberfest, pumpkin ales and other fall beers. Click here to see the current list.

Just think of it as a calmer version of Germany’s raucous Oktoberfest without the hotties in dirndls.

“Like most of our events, this one started out small, but we will have over 150 people come through the store in the three hours,” said Antz, who also puts on the excellent Fest of Ale, held every June in Clarksville (sample our sudsy report from the event.) “This year, we’ve moved our starting time out to 6 from 5 to help our friends from Louisville attend without fighting the rush hour traffic.”

Antz said this is Keg Liquors’ best attended store tasting (it often hosts local brewery tastings there), and likely because of the breadth of offerings.

Plus, the “Oktoberfest style is a very easy-to-drink brew,” he said. “There is tons of flavor for the advanced drinker, but they typically have a clean finish that appeals to pale lager drinkers as well.”

The popularity of pumpkin beers is soaring, he added. Drinkers love their spicy complexity as well as their down-home link to pumpkin pie.

“It is quite like pumpkin pie, and you either love it or hate it,” he said. (Frankly, I love it, and I’m not even all that fond of pumpkin pie.) “There is really no middle ground.”

For more information, visit Keg Liquor’s webpage or call 812-283-3988.