Courtesy of Kentucky Guild of Brewers

Courtesy of Kentucky Guild of Brewers

Beer brewed from ingredients strictly grown and sourced in Kentucky? Now that’s something not every state can brag about.

The Kentucky Guild of Brewers (KGB) has teamed up with the Kentucky Department of Agriculture to create five limited-edition Kentucky Proud-infused beers, the first of which will be tapped Monday, Oct. 10, at Against the Grain at 6 p.m.

Titled Peach Better Have My Money, the sour saison was brewed by Ethereal Brewing in Lexington and uses peaches from Mulberry Orchard in Shelbyville. (A second tasting will be held at Ethereal on Monday, Oct. 17, at 6 p.m.)

Ky-ProudThe project teams 10 Kentucky breweries with five Kentucky farms as a way to market both industries.

“The Kentucky Guild of Brewers is excited to announce our partnership with the Department of Agriculture that highlights the creativity, hard work and great products we can make when Kentucky’s farms and breweries team up together,” Derek Selznick, executive director of the KGB, said in a press release.

The rest of the beers will be released throughout the next few months, and a portion of the proceeds benefit the KGB. It’s certainly a win-win for both breweries and farmers, and a major win for consumers who prefer to drink local.

“This is a great example of Kentucky Proud producers working together to create unique value-added products,” said agriculture commissioner Ryan Quarles in the release. “We are pleased to work with the Kentucky Guild of Brewers to advance Kentucky’s flourishing craft brewing industry while helping farmers find new markets for their products.”

Here’s a look at the next four releases, and to keep up to date on their launch parties, check out the KGB’s Facebook page.