Unplug with KOBBE on Sunday.

Nobody is telling you to throw your phone away. Smartphones have become instrumental tools in everyday life, after all. But every now and then, you just need a break.

That’s what the KOBBE bourbon group is honing in on with its event, “Digital Detox: A Sensory Experience,” which will be held at the new Butchertown bar, Odeon, on Sunday, June 24.

Last fall, Insider caught up with Jamar Mack, founder of KOBBE, to learn more about the group. KOBBE stands for Kentucky’s Original Black Bourbon Enthusiasts, and its goal is to make bourbon more accessible for everyone. They hold monthly events at various locations around the city, and they often raise money for charities and are always open to everyone — usually 21 and over.

Jamar Mack | Photo by Erin Murphy Trimble

“Digital Detox” will encourage attendees to turn off their cellphones and just engage in good old-fashioned conversation. There also will be five separate experiences — taste, smell, touch, hear and see — held in different rooms.

Mack says his inspiration for the event came after he started noticing people looking at their phones more than each other. It’s almost like an involuntary response. However, he doesn’t believe phones are evil.

“I don’t think we’re too reliant on our phones,” he explains. “I love technology! I love any tool that can make life easier. But I think phones do so much now that sometimes we forget to put them down. Our phones are tools that allow us to enhance our lives, but I think it’s about finding balance.”

He hopes attendees truly engage and participate in the five experiences — and maybe meet a new friend.

“I’m really hoping people can remember or find out what it’s like to have a conversation again — to go out and interact with other people,” says Mack. “I want people to enjoy each other’s company and have fun being present in the moment.”

“Digital Detox” will take place from 5-8 p.m. on Sunday, June 24, at Odeon, 1335 Story Ave. Admission is $10. KOBBE also is collecting summer toys for kids that encourage them to play outside — things like jump ropes, squirt guns, sidewalk chalk and more.