Trouble seeing the scorecard? Try using the link below. 

Here is Insider Louisville’s 2019 General Assembly education scorecard, designed to help Kentuckians track top education issues this legislative session.

In January, Insider identified eight education topics to watch for in Kentucky’s 2019 legislative session. To make it easier to quickly follow those topics as they work through the legislative process, Insider will update the scorecard, along with providing in-depth coverage about the bills themselves.

Those initial eight topics, derived from legislative agendas and past education coverage, make the basis of the scorecard.

You’ll notice there are more than eight items on the scorecard. That’s because a few of the initial items were broken into separate bills if they differed enough. For example, instead of listing “charter schools” on the scorecard, there are separate slots for a charter funding mechanism and to repeal the state’s charter law.

New Senate bills can be introduced until Feb. 15, and new House bills have until Feb. 19. If a new education bill rolls out, it can (and likely will) be added to the scorecard.

Lawmakers are expected to head back to Frankfort on Feb. 5, with the session ending in March.