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Mightily is anything but over the top.

Mightily is anything but over the top.

Company Name: Mightily


Description: “We don’t have a mission statement or a vision. We just love making cool stuff. We love thinking hard; we love digging deep; we love beautiful design; we love words and pictures and environments that provoke reactions and help people find things that are meaningful. We live to create things that are fresh, that are thoughtful … and most important, that actually do what they’re designed to do.”

Founder Lesa Seibert

Founder Lesa Seibert

History: Digital agency Mightily was started in 2013 by Lesa Seibert, and it has since grown to 18 employees and is one of Louisville’s leading brand-centered development firms. The business creates award-winning websites and also helps its clients with branding, creative storytelling, social communication, search strategies and much, much more.

Location: 222 S. First St., Ste. 403

What we found:

Like its simple yet engaging website, the Mightily offices reflect the company’s innovative work theories. The homepage opens on 10 small circles of various colors, and as you click on each one, you get a sentence, a small paragraph and an image that relates to Mightily’s mission.

For example, the teal circle opens up to the bold statement: “We’re not a havoc-lab, a do-tank, or an idea-zoo.” It’s then explained with: “Some firms try hardest to impress you, to convince you that they have a unique angle on what you need. We begin by learning who you are, what you mean to people, and why they value you. Then we help you communicate it sensibly and powerfully.” The final content on the page is the image of an ant carrying an item much larger than itself.

The front door of Mightily is opaque except for a handful of transparent circles that allow you to peek through. Once you get buzzed in, a large Superman mural reveals itself on the left wall — a fitting symbol for an innovative firm called Mightily.

The mighty Superman

The mighty Superman

Most of the employees sit at tables in an open-office format, and rooms — such as the conference room and break room — are highlighted with a color panel on a skylight window. These colors match the 10 circles detailed on the website and make for a splashy array of bright colors against white and black rooms.

Some of Mightily’s clients include the Distilled Spirits Epicenter, Woodford Reserve, Barry Wooley Designs, Seven County Services and Redball Recycling, to name a few. They’ve won numerous awards for their work, including several Louie awards from the American Advertising Federation.

The offices are simple but allow for an open area to toss up ideas and discuss strategies. The vibe is laid-back, and music crooning from a Crosley record player, one of their clients, fills the room. The record player is situated in a small lounge area known as the “Orange Room,” a comfortable place employees retreat to if they need to step away from their computers.

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