Falls City master brewer Dylan Greenwood and Mayor Greg Fischer prepare to test their beer. | Photo by Sara Havens

Falls City master brewer Dylan Greenwood and Mayor Greg Fischer prepare to test their beer. | Photo by Sara Havens

The mood was light, happy and hoppy (just like a good German pilsner should be) during a Thursday afternoon press conference at Falls City Brewing Co. Mayor Greg Fischer took the podium to talk about some new developments with the upcoming Louisville Independent Business Alliance (LIBA) Brewfest, which will be held on Friday, Sept. 23, at Slugger Field.

“Supporting local businesses is in our DNA, and Louisville is lucky to have such a wealth of great breweries and distilleries from which to choose,” said Fischer. “Brewfest is a great way to support our local food and beverage scene, as well as supporting LIBA, our No. 1 voice for helping keep our dollars in the local economy.”

New this year will be limited-edition beers created by Louisville VIPs including Mayor Fischer, Forecastle founder J.K. McKnight, chef Edward Lee, and LIBA founder John Timmons, who also founded the now-defunct ear X-tacy. McKnight and Timmons also joined the mayor at the press conference to unveil their “Hometown Beer-oes” banners, which are modeled after the Hometown Heroes banners around town. In fact, some of the proceeds will even go to the program.

John Timmons' "Hometown Beer-oes" banner

John Timmons’ “Hometown Beer-oes” banner

Each VIP was paired with a local brewery, and the resulting beers feature a wide range of styles. Fischer and Falls City came up with the “Louis XVI Imperial,” which is a Kentucky Common-style beer that packs an 8 percent ABV (alcohol by volume).

“We wanted a beer that would make King Louis the 16th proud,” said Fischer.

McKnight paired up with Goodwood Brewing to create an interesting concoction titled “Capt. McKnight’s Rum-Soaked Chocolate Blonde.” Timmons and the guys at Great Flood Brewing came up with a brew appropriately called “beer X-tacy.” And Lee partnered with Monnik Beer Co. to create “MW Saison.”

The beers will debut at the eighth annual Louisville Brewfest, and any left over will be sold at the breweries. As always, the Brewfest will feature independent local and regional beer, wine and bourbon, as well as a variety of food and entertainment. Admission is $5, or $50 for VIP tickets.

Insider will preview the event as we get closer to Sept. 23, but in the meantime, more details and tickets can be found on LIBA’s website.