photo via "The Hush" Facebook

photo via “The Hush” Facebook

As Louisville’s film scene struggles to attain the legitimacy that its theatrical counterpart has had for years, there is usually a starry eyed young film maker in the wings, hoping that their movie will be the one to finally bring the spotlight to this town full of artists and dreamers.

Meet D.M. Meyer, a former Western Kentucky University creative writing student with a focus on poetry and a minor in film. He’s the writer and director of “The Hush,” a feature-length film shooting in Louisville this summer. Meyer and his production company, Flick of the Quill, are attempting to raise $25,000 through Kickstarter before June 4.

Meyer sat down with Insider Louisville, and was kind enough to bring actress Katie Stewart, and director of photography Terrence McCraney. While McCraney shot footage of Meyer talking about the project, Stewart fielded questions about the nuts and bolts of the production, as well as the local talent being utilized for the film.

“The Hush” follows Dylan, a man whose lucid dreams are threatening to overtake his waking life. Dylan’s marriage is failing due to a loss that he and his wife can’t face. “They don’t talk about it, but in his dreams, he can talk,” said Meyer.

The surreal nature of the dream world is an attempt by Meyer to meld his love of film and poetry. He hopes to make a “Sundance” type film, and he “definitely wants Louisville to be a character.” In fact, a portion of the Kickstarter funds will pay location fees to Louisville businesses.

In addition to shooting in local spots, “The Hush” will feature a number of local actors and use local crew. Meyer already had a professional relationship with Stewart and McCraney from working with them at VilleTV, a Louisville entertainment website that is co-producing the film.

Meyer also has secured some cool collaborators with national recognition. John Dugan of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise will costar, and Kentucky poet Ron Whitehead has agreed to appear in the film.

Jack Byrd and Ron Whitehead

Jack Byrd and Ron Whitehead

Meyer knew Whitehead from poetry readings and social media. He reached out to him via Facebook as a sort of shot in the dark and was thrilled when “he immediately responded,” said Meyer.

Whitehead was interested, Meyer added, but “he wanted to make sure the script was well written.”

Meyer reports that Whitehead read the script and “loved it.” Meyer feels that the script is “the defining factor in getting people involved.”

In addition to location fees, the Kickstarter funds will help pay actors and crew as well as finance a variety of digital cameras and hopefully some good old-fashioned 8mm film.

Filming will begin at the end of May, and continue intermittently throughout the summer.

Check out the Kickstarter here, and consider giving them a few bucks to help make their dream a reality.